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Prasad Netralaya

The Client

Prasad Netralaya is a well-established multispecialty eye hospital located in Mangalore and Udupi. It has been delivering high-quality eye care and low-vision treatments since 2002. Over the years, it has expanded and established a variety of clinics for different eye conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, squint alignments, and many more. It also has specialist teams with access to the most modern equipment and research facilities. This contributes to it being the top eye care facility in Karnataka’s coastal region.


A social media creative post was requested by the client for Father’s Day. The requirements were simple. The client wanted a relatable video with a discreet brand placement that captured what it’s like to be a father.

The Strategy

Being a father is about providing love, support, and guidance to his children. Our Inbox productions team realised this was an overused idea that many brands used to base their creatives on. Hence, to give it a fresh concept, our team decided to showcase the love and concern a father has for his children while also accentuating the duty of the children to give back this love and concern. The plan was to create a post that showcased a loving father-daughter relationship. One where the father dotes on his daughter about her safety and health, however, neglects his own. This will give way to the concept that it’s time for fathers to let their children take care of them for a change.

The Execution

From brainstorming to shooting and editing, the video took 4 days to complete. On the first day, the team brainstormed ideas and came up with three distinct types of shoots. We integrated all three to create a shot list and one shoot storyboard. Day 2 and 3 were dedicated to shooting all the scenes that were finalised and getting the dialogues and voice overs on tape. And on the final day, the editing was wrapped up, and the creative was sent for approval. Although the team faced challenges in perfecting the Kannada narration and diction, we powered through to stick to the proposed deadline and wound up the project on time.

WATCH and let us know what you think!


Vision problems are a common issue that is faced by all the elderly. Through this creative, we could help integrate fatherhood and vision health to create the perfect post for Prasad Netralaya. The video was received as a heartfelt reminder for all children about the sacrifices their fathers make for them.