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Prakash K.

Creative Writer

The silent killer. “Hi. I am Prakash, I am an introvert”, is how he introduces himself; He lies! A recent addition to our family, he is the funniest person you will meet! He speaks very little, but makes up for it with his killer video/social media/whatsapp content. In his spare time, he moonlights as a hair model, showing off his long lustrous locks making the office womenfolk a tad too envious. His strength lies in his ability to explore, be it in content or the various weird positions you can display your hair in. He is also a drama student and enthusiast. (Ekta Kapoor, will you discover him already?)

Oh if you’re looking for him in office and no one responds to his name, he also goes by Pika, Pakru, Aladeen, Pakiya, Quinqual (with a mallu accent). Just saying.