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How can you ensure success on your PPC campaign? How can you optimize a campaign for better results on a daily basis? What is the daily checklist to follow for a great PPC campaign?  You are in the right place. Having a habit of making a systematic PPC checklist to manage certain crucial areas of your campaign can save a lot of time, money and effort towards the campaign.

Running and managing a PPC campaign is not a one time job. It requires a lot of attention and fine-tuning on a daily basis. If you just set up a campaign and put it on autopilot mode, you might lose a lot of money due to, low performance and under-delivery of the ads.

10 daily mandatory PPC checklist points that you need to follow.

  1. Check the account balance
    It is very important to maintain a minimum balance in the account. If the ads stopped for a while due to low balance you will directly be out of the game. Most importantly we have seen the pattern that again google takes a lot time to perform better. SSo keep an eye on the account balance and make sure it is not empty
  2. Look on ads impression
    We have to make sure the ads get enough impression. You just need to compare ad impression number if any spike or lesser impression. By analysing the impression you can figure out what keywords and ads are performing better and take necessary action.
  3. Check the conversion
    It’s very important to keep track of the daily conversion number and make sure we are aligned with the weekly or monthly leads count that we need to achieve. It gives a clear idea about where we stand in terms of achieving success and analyze where we stand. Don’t freak out if you have not reached the target of the day. Just take a long breath and analyse over the next step, maybe over some coffee.
  4. Check landing pages
    It’s not just looking into ads and campaign. Ad destination is very much important. Make sure all the call to actions, forms, chats and marketing integrations are triggering without any issue and ready for collecting fruits.
  5. Bidding and money spent
    Bidding and spending right play a major role in the success of any campaign. Keep track of google ads over-delivery and monitor the bidding on each keyword to make sure you are not overspending on unimportant keywords. Adjust the bidding or remove the keyword which are not giving company to your success.
  6. Search terms and negative keywords
    Are you sure you showed your ad to the right people?. Search terms give clear answers to it. Have a close look at the search term and take action as follows-
    • Add unrelated keywords as negative terms.
    • Work on adding or leveraging the keywords.
    • Make sure search terms and keywords that you are bidding means the same.
  7. Click-through rate
    CTR gives an indication of a lot of things. Here are the analysis and actions that you can do over CTR analysis.
    • If the ads have a lot of impressions but not enough clicks, it’s time for you to work on your ad copy.
    • If there are no much impressions you need to analyse your quality score, competition and bidding.
    • Even after a good CTR if there is not much conversation happening you need to work on your landing page quality and search relevance that helps towards getting more conversions.
  8. Auction insight – Check where you stand in the ladder
    In PPC, you are one among 100’s trying to compete for 1st place of SERP. A few essential parts of the analysis and action is as follows,
    • Impression share – Indicates the quality of your ad and keyword bidding. Always aim for a better percentage.
    • Absolute top of the page rate – Yes!!!.. The gold mine is here. Keep the number always high. Fight for it and you will get it.
    • Overlap rate – Has another advertiser’s ad received an impression in the same auction that your ad also received an impression? Work on bidding and ad quality. Action insight gives good understanding and direction on where you stand among the competition. So make use of it for better success. In fact, this gives the roadmap on what is your next step.
  9. Remove unwanted placement and apps
    Sometimes Google creates a blunder by showing ads in the same site or some unwanted apps. It is better to find and flick them out so that we don’t waste money on it anymore.
  10. Check for google recommendation and optimization score.
    Google recommendations provide good insights on overall account performance and always aim for 100% optimization score. Implement necessary recommendation, whichever you feel is good for your campaign. This will boost up your campaign performance to real success.

Doing all the above steps should be a part of your daily checklist for a good campaign management. It takes a lot of expertise and systematic approach to analyse and conclude the necessary action which leads to great results. We at Alter marketing management with a team of Google certified PPC Experts makes sure all the necessary actions to manage the campaign and prove the ROI utmost success. If you are looking for a search engine marketing company to manage your campaign with better results and for a FREE strategy session, you can contact us here!