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A world where every good idea has a chance.


To make the internet work for everyone, every day, everywhere.

Core Values

Our values will tell you exactly who we are and how we grow. Our company is a family that strives to ensure that our company culture is A way of life.

Act with Clarity

Everything you do, be clear about what you want out of it.

Listen to learn

Don’t listen for the sake of listening. Don’t listen to respond. Listen to understand.

Trust comes first

Trust is the currency of our business. Do everything you can to keep the trust, especially with your team.

Embrace growth

There are different areas of your life that are important and the goal is to grow in each area.

Remember to have fun

You will ALWAYS have tasks that are urgent, important & stressful! Make time to tell jokes, have fun, be a kid!

Empathy before action

Everything that you do or say impacts another person. So take a moment and think- What is the other person feeling and how will my words/action affect them?

Do your best work

Everything you do, do it better. Perfection is not achievable but progress is easy. If you want to be the best, work on being better and doing your best work every single time..

Our Story

It all started with a simple question: Why?

When our co-founder Arjun Dsouza was working his behind off as a third officer on a container ship, he fell in love; with the first book on marketing he read. He sneaked a peek into the world of possibilities and he was excited. That is the first time he asked himself: Why am I here? Well, the pay was great. He continued reading and working for months until he came back home, to Mangalore. He looked around and saw that no brand was doing ANY of the things that the best marketers in the world spoke about. They treated their brands like objects and sold them like salesmen. And then he asked the second question: Why aren’t they doing what people have tried and succeeded with? The answer is they didn’t know!

And so his purpose was to learn everything he could about marketing and make brands more human. On the way, he stumbled upon a new way of marketing-The Digital Way! He discovered how any brand can create better relationships with their customers so much easier digitally! And so he decided to learn how to give brands a personality online and make people fall in love with them; not merely swipe left! So he did what most people would call stupid (and they did): Quit his insanely-high paying job, to learn and apply the art of marketing, both traditionally and digitally!

He started writing to various brands in the city, to try to create awareness about the impact of Digital Marketing. But he can’t write as well as he can talk. And so he called in the person who came but never left, the second co-founder, Disha Prabhu who was then a copywriter by profession and passion. When she was asked to join, she asked the next question: Why not? While he worked on logic she added the creative magic and together they brought several brands onboard.

A few more adventurers Deena Prabhu and Niyati S. joined the crazy pack, we spread our ideas through word and art; and that’s how Alter was born! It’s been a while and a lot of ups and downs but one thing has always stayed the same: We start with Why!