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Leading graphic design company in India

Alter is one of the top graphic design company in India. Branding and design are some of the important distinguishing factors for your company. It portrays what you stand for and impacts how your company is perceived. We are an expert in creating unique designs that make you stand out from your competitors. We develop brands that represent trust and reliability. Therefore, you can count on Alter for the best graphic design services that grab your audience’s attention and stays in their memory.

Our branding and graphic design services list

Public Figure

Logo design

Your logo represents your identity and brand value. It helps create a lasting positive impression.

Large Enterprise

Brand identity

Every person has a unique personality, the same way every brand has its own identity.

Small & Medium Enterprise

Packaging design

Packaging design involves creating everything on the outside of a product.

Small Business

Event design

It is the art of creating a design for an event that consists of its visual elements.

Small & Medium Enterprise

Branding and rebranding strategy

Rebranding is the strategy of bringing about a change in the elements of a brand.

E-commerce Website

Communication design

Communication design is the art of communicating using various forms of media, through designs.

What makes us one of the best graphic design agency in India?

Expert team

Our team of highly talented and skilled individuals will help take your business to greater heights.


Creativity has always been our strongest forte. The uniqueness of our work is something that helps us make you stand out.


We understand that consistency is the key for your business to make a mark in society.


We aim to educate, inspire, entertain as well as make your audience think and keep them hooked.


The goal is to create designs that stay in the mind of the viewers for a long time, thus helping you turn potential .


Our works are simple and on point, making sure to deliver exactly what you want to convey.

Interested? Start Altering your business with the best Graphic Design Company in India.

How do we alter?

We have a unique creative process that helps us turn your dreams into reality. From the initial stages of learning your requirement to presenting the final output to your targeted audience. We give our best to provide you more than you asked for. Your satisfaction is our primary objective.

Social Media Management & Marketing


Social Media Management & Marketing
The first step in the branding process is you and your business. We try to learn everything that is to know about your company. We study your business and what are your mission and vision. Your priorities and your unique selling point are identified. Furthermore, we listen to you, to get a clear understanding of what you are expecting from our designers.


Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
Then, we find answers to the relevant questions. What does your brand stand for? What is your mission? Why should people choose you over your competitors? How will your business add value to your customer’s life? Based on these questions we form a brand personality. This defines what kind of a brand you are and what is that you do.
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
Content Marketing


Content Marketing
In this stage, we conduct extensive research on your market and your competitors. We identify your target audience and try to design a brand that fulfils their requirements. We aim to design a brand that gains your audience’s trust and maintains a long term relationship with them.


Branding & Marketing Collaterals
Then a prototype of the design is created. This is designed to checked to see if it works well. If it works out well them then we go ahead with the design. But if it doesn’t, we use new strategies to create better designs.
Branding & Marketing Collaterals
Content Marketing


Content Marketing
Finally, the output is acquired and tested to see if it has worked well with the audience. We receive their feedback and criticism and try to work on them. In case, there are poor results then the whole process is repeated from the beginning.

Clients that chose to be Altered


Vijesh & Nanditha
Vijesh & Nanditha
Zari Couture

Alter got in touch with us when we were looking for a face to represent our brand, on our hoardings and social media. They came up with the “Face of Zari Contest” and that garnered a lot of activity on our page and off it too. They are a team of young, fresh minds and the spunk reflects in their work too. Their weekly posts have got our audience constantly engaged.

Manisha Patte Rai
Manisha Patte Rai
Capella Patisserie

We met with Alter when we had not even inaugurated Capella Patisserie yet. They brought a whole set of strategies to create awareness on social media. We started with zero followers and hit 3000 followers within 6-8 months of opening. Above all else, they run ads on social media which gets us a huge portion of our orders. They do our product shoots and handle our social media page which ensures a lot of orders on a daily basis. They make sure they come up with new strategies to keep our audience happy. This group of committed youngsters does a great job.

Dr. Vikram Jain
Dr. Vikram Jain
Prasad Netralaya

Alter has been handling our Digital Marketing since 6 months and has been doing a wonderful job at it. The entire team is very professional and stick to deadlines promised. They are also open to suggestions and modifications of the creatives as per our requests. Overall, a very very good experience.

Ashish Palanna
Ashish Palanna
Team Rhapsody

Being a music band, we are touring constantly and don’t have the time to think about the content we post. With Alter, we don’t worry about our posts and comments. They make content like videos, event posters, show reels and other things for us to post on our pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They also make sure all our comments are replied to and messages are responded to so that our fans and followers are satisfied. The bonus is they are a super fun team to work with!

Sumanth Roche
Sumanth Roche
The “S” Studio

Alter was referred to me by someone when I was planning to conduct a major event in Mangalore. I told them what I had in mind and they made sure they did their research for content and set appointments according to my availability so that all the information was collected. They also gave me several good ideas to advertise my event on social media. The brochure they made was exactly what I had in mind. I recommend them to everyone. They are just awesome!

Leona Aranha
Leona Aranha
Music for Change

From our logo and t-shirt designs to our fundraiser event posters, standees and boards, Alter has been instrumental in making all of it. We recently had a competition for the students we teach and we are happy that the event was a big success. Everyone loved our posters and we thank Alter for that.

Anuj Mascarenhas
Anuj Mascarenhas
Quad Perspective

We have had quite a successful journey with Alter Marketing. Arjun and his team have been a big part of our starting phase. They designed and executed our unique logo. They mainly worked on our brochure content. From research to content writing they did a great job with our brochure. We are definitely looking forward to working with them on other projects.

Anup Fernandes
Anup Fernandes
Zouk Resto Bar

Alter has helped us to look good on social media. They have done a great job with our event posters and engagement on Facebook and Instagram. The team is very creative and comes up with unique ways to attract our audience in Mangalore. Keep it up.

Our works


Why does design matter?

Your logo is the visual representation of your company, based on which people form an impression. They are on every website, social media page, sign, billboard, poster, or menu. This is why you need a creative and talented designer to help you build your logo.

What locations do you cover?

Our graphic design studio is located in Mangalore but we work with clients all over the world. Your location is not a barrier for us to work together.

Do you work for small projects and single ads?

Yes. If you have an already established brand identity, we are more than happy to undertake small projects for you.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The time we take to complete a project is dependent on your requirements. however, in case of strict deadlines, we try our best to reach them.

How can you be sure that I will like what you design?

We take your feedback is every step of the process. This ensures that you are getting what you want.

Do you do copywriting?

Yes. Along with designs, we provide an eye-catching and thought-provoking written copy.

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