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Digital Marketing for E-commerce Websites

Either you have just started up your e-commerce website and are looking for a way to bring people to your website or you have been running an e-commerce store for a while now; people visit your store often, but fail to buy. There are two significant elements that ensure the consistent success of an e-commerce store:

Marketing (Get people to visit the website)
On-Site Optimisation (Make sure people who come to the website BUY)
We specialize in both of these services.

How can we create a better outcome for your e-commerce website?


Search Engine Marketing

If you have just launched your e-commerce store you need people to know about you and what you offer.

To make this happen, we create and publish ads on Google and other search engines to increase the number of people visiting your website. We do this with our knowledge in Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Ads.

Search Engine Optimization

We work on strengthening your website structure and content by generating keywords and making it SEO friendly so that your website is one of the top search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Social Media Optimization

We update your target audience about your products/service, new arrivals, customer testimonies and more via social media.

While you are involved in the workings of your business, we will have our best people on the job to ensure that your page is updated with engaging content and comments as well as messages and queries are regularly responded to.

Social Media Marketing

We also create unique and effective ads on Social Media if you feel that your target audience is more active on these platforms.

This will ensure increased footfall to your website and in-turn, sales.

Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

If you are looking for customers to market your product, we can create the right strategies to ensure the best outcome.

We also have a list of influencers who can help you create wide spread awareness about your product/services.

Remarketing Strategies

For those who have been running an e-commerce store for a while, you can always benefit from a magic trick called Re-marketing.

We have the right people and the tools to ensure that a person who visits your store and leaves without making a purchase will come back and complete the sale.

You can also always count on us to create Email newsletters to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Website Management

From the time a person comes to your website until they buy the product, we will guide the entire process.

  1. Updating banners with relevant products and offers.
  2. Analyze customer interaction to restructure the website and make it more customer friendly.
  3. Use various third-party analysis tools to understand and optimize the shopping process.
  4. Analyze and suggest changes to the website to increase the conversion rate.

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