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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Mangalore

In today’s world, you can get information about almost anything, by clicking a few buttons. However, 87% of the information from the web, consumed by visitors are only from the first page. The art of making your website appear on top of the search engine is known as search engine optimization. Therefore, SEO helps your website receive more traffic, leading to potential consumers. We at Alter, help your website make a difference in the vast sea of information.

Why SEO?

First page result

SEO helps you always rank on top of the google search results.

Free quality traffic

SEO generates organic traffic and it is much more efficient compared to other practices.

Better user experience

SEO practices are not only focused on search engines but also help the users by giving them a better experience.

Increases credibility

Being ranked on top of the search engine has a huge advantage in building credibility for your website.

Increases conversion rate

Conversion rate is much higher when you use search engine optimization techniques.

Increases lead for your company

SEO techniques have a huge impact on the leads received by your company.

Long term strategies

SEO is a long term investment for your company because its techniques use long term strategies.

Relatively cheap

SEO is much cheaper compared to search engine marketing and gives about the same result.

Your competitors are doing it

Every website these days is SEO optimized and to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to use it too.

Why should you Alter?

Expert team


Local Digital Strategy

No hidden contracts


Excelllent client support


  • Keyword and market research – Firstly, we conduct a research, identifying the keywords and their usage regarding your business.
  • Competition research – This includes analyzing and monitoring your competitors and understanding how you can do it better. 
  • Website audit and optimization – This step consists of on-page, off-page, and technical optimization. 
  • Content development and promotion – Then, content is developed and optimized after which it is promoted is different platforms. 
  • Measure and improve results – Then we measure the results to see how we can improve it to get better results.
  • Reporting and analysis – Finally, monthly reports are generated and analyzed.

Interested? Start Altering your business with the best SEO agency in Mangalore.