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Digital Marketing for a Small or Medium Enterprise

There is a saying, “If you do today’s business with yesterday’s methods, you will not be in business tomorrow”. For your business, word of mouth may not be the best mode of marketing. There is a better and more efficient way to do the same.

This is where we can help you. There are different stages of consumer’s journey and we have different tools in digital marketing to engage with them.

So how can we add value to your business?

Social Media Handling

When it comes to an SME like yours, customers are loyal once they purchase from you.

To make sure that your customers are regularly updated on your products and services, you need a creative and well-updated social media page.

We have content specialists who will create engaging content for your page, do small level product/service shoots and make sure that your consumers are always satisfied with what you have to offer.

Social Media Marketing

When you launch new products/offers, you can always advertise on Social Media.

We will take care of creating the ad as well as running it, targeting it to specific audiences, tracking it and bringing you the desired sales.

Google Display Network (GDN)

When your potential customer visits other websites, it will benefit you when they see your ads there.

We have a dedicated team that specializes in Google Display Network.

This ensures that people visiting other websites or apps see your products/services on that website.

Inbound Marketing

Count on us to build trust with your customers though Inbound Marketing.

We create content that relates to your company and your brand. We write articles, make videos, create infographics, animated explainer videos, etc.

This content helps explain the services you offer, or different ways to use the product you sell creatively.

Online Reputation Management

Once your customers come to you in large numbers, you may not have the time to respond to each customer and tend to their needs online.

We dedicate our services to keep them happy and satisfied by responding to messages, comments and reviews on various platforms as well as update the page with announcements and information.

This is called Online Reputation Management.

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