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“What is the truth, but a lie agreed upon” – Nietzsche.

Quite often, in various walks of life, we encounter situations where the perceived truth turns out to be false or wrong. Certain half-truths are spread as the whole truth, which are led by ignorance or deception and give rise to myths. Digital marketing has no shortage of these half-truths, especially digital marketing for SaaS companies.

Digital marketing myths can be dangerous for your SaaS company and can cause you to lose your business if you’re not careful. It’s advisable to consult professional digital marketing agencies for SaaS, to stay away from wrong information. But working with an agency comes with its own set of ideas and expectations, which again may not be all true.

Today, we are going to quickly go over 5 of the biggest myths surrounding digital marketing agencies for SaaS companies. Let’s dive right in! 

  1. Myth: A marketing agency will solve all my problems

A marketing agency is not a unicorn at the end of a rainbow if you want to take your business to the next level. It will certainly give a boost to a number of aspects, but your company has to have a clear vision and infrastructure in place to succeed.

Fact: A digital marketing agency will need assistance from your company

Think of your SaaS company as a Formula One car. It has the ability to go incredibly fast, but you need someone to take it past the checkered flag. You need a Lewis Hamilton. That’s where the digital marketing agency comes in.  

But even Lewis Hamilton needs a competitive constructor’s team around him to win the Championship. The digital marketing agency you hire must have a clear objective with a defined goal to achieve within a preset budget. There must be a point of contact who is open to discussing strategy and a team that is primed for best results.

  1. Myth: Only big agencies are good

Large-scale agencies often have bigger clients. For small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), size is not always king. it is often more important how well an agency’s services match your company’s needs.

Fact: Smaller agencies are often more capable of providing better services

Marketing a brand’s products and/or services are dependent on multiple factors. An agency’s manpower is one of them, but not the most important. It is far more important that there is a marriage of minds when it comes to your company’s expectations and ambitions. Very often, a smaller agency might be far more suitable for your SMB because they are more likely to provide greater attention to your specific needs.

  1. Myth: SaaS companies will achieve overnight success upon digital marketing

SaaS companies often have a misconception that upon hiring an agency for digital marketing, success will immediately knock on the door. That is very often not the case, since digital marketing is an ongoing process, not a milestone.

Fact: Digital Marketing is a marathon with checkpoints, not a 100-meter dash

To reap maximum benefits of outsourcing to a digital marketing agency for SaaS companies, patience is a key virtue. Consistent trials and a planned approach are necessary for desired success.

  1. Myth: Digital marketing is the be-all and end-all for SaaS companies

The definition of success is often different for different marketing campaigns for different companies. But one thing is for sure, solely relying on digital marketing performance is likely not going to be enough for achieving the desired success for SaaS companies.

Fact: Digital marketing is key, but don’t neglect offline marketing

No question that digital marketing, especially for SaaS companies is quite necessary. A competent agency will take care of that. But the buck does not stop there for you. To maximize the potential for success, offline marketing techniques such as physical ads, flyers, word-of-mouth, etc. cannot be neglected and must be used in tandem with digital marketing techniques. 

  1. Myth: You have to invest a lot of capital upfront

The days of expensive traditional marketing campaigns like TV ads, billboards, radio spots are numbered. Digital marketing provides more fine-tuned services at far reasonable rates.

Fact: Digital marketing agencies allow you to invest wisely, over time

Digital marketing allows you to spread your marketing costs over the course of a month, a quarter, or a yearly basis. Take affordable steps as you go on with marketing campaigns and review your ROI as you go along. This way you get to protect your capital with smart investments.

  1. Myth: Digital marketing can be done in-house

Well, technically, sure. In the same way that I can cook a decent meal so technically, Gordon Ramsay and I are the same. Digital marketing is possible in-house, but an in-house team will never be as efficient, high-quality, and purpose-built, for it to compare to the dedicated team at a digital marketing agency.

Fact: Thorough digital marketing needs a dedicated team of at least 25 people

There are a whole host of tasks to do, optimizations to be made, and insights to be acquired for a digital marketing operation. Social media marketers, multiple content creators, graphic designers, web designers, and so the list goes on. Hiring multiple people to cover all these skillsets is a significantly more tedious, not to mention expensive, task than approaching a specialized digital marketing agency for SaaS companies.

Choosing the right agency for your company

Lastly, choosing the right digital marketing agency for your SaaS company is a crucial process. It is imperative that myths and false information are dispelled before you make a choice. Always make sure to thoroughly vet the agency with regard to previous experiences, the scale of the agency, and the abilities of the personnel involved to understand your business.

Here at Alter Marketing Solutions, we have a marketing staff of highly skilled number-crunchers to devise the most effective, individualized marketing plans for your business. Come find your match at [email protected] or give us a call at +91 99864 60086.