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Cold outreach and a handful of ads are a thing of the past. SaaS marketing has now grown into an industry of its own over the years, with the competition among companies at an all-time high. Delivering a lasting impression on customers and deriving sustainable results are challenges faced by every company especially with various myths put in place to hold you back.

Here are some digital marketing myths we’ve debunked so you don’t have to:

  1. Your Product Needs to be Perfect

The thirst for perfection is one seen everywhere in the SaaS industry, but achieving it is a hard feat. A finished product may take months, even years to achieve, but sales take equally as long. If you’re a salesperson or the owner yourself looking to get a headstart in a sea of customers, starting marketing from the day you sign up is the way to go. Sell your ideals, your mission, your vision while you work on your product and witness the multitude of customers ready to subscribe not only to your product but to your belief.

  1. Marketing is Fast

SaaS marketing is a vast playing field, from generating the amount of content required to the frequency of changes made to your website; the data is vast and thus requires significant time and energy to go through. Companies spend a large portion of their revenue on sales and marketing, getting started with upfront investment. However, transforming that investment into a marketing model that works is no easy feat and requires endless hours of continuous refinement and changes. Thus, if you want a marketing model that’s sure to work, make sure to have patience handy.

  1. About Increasing Conversions

Many consider conversions the absolute goal when it comes to SaaS marketing however your true goal should always be revenue. There may still be problems from getting conversions and then transforming them into a viable revenue stream. Thus, you should look at all aspects of the cycle from the referring page being optimized to the next step after a conversion occurs. Your goal at the end of the day should be building a system that generates revenue rather than one that increases conversions.

  1. Data Dominates. Or Does it?

Again, a difference in goals. We see a lot of people strive towards the acquisition of as much data as possible without considering why they’re doing it. Your objective when it comes to data should always be insights. Thus getting good quality data that could then be utilized to its ideal capabilities will always be better than acquiring a large chunk of data with minimal relevant insights. Understanding how and what metrics to use can give your company the headstart it needs. Gathering qualitative data through surveys and customer relationships is also a great way of gathering data that matters. 

  1. The Truth About Marketing Channels

Facebook ads, Google Adwords, content marketing, and the multiple other channels available are important parts of the marketing puzzle. One should try them all out and see which ones are a good fit for your SaaS company and optimize your strategy accordingly. If you’ve tried these channels in the past, one thing to remember is to not discard them immediately if they don’t work out for you. The problem almost all the time isn’t the marketing channel itself but your implementation. All in all, various channels provide awesome opportunities for your company to grow, make sure to use them effectively in order to see viable revenue. 

  1. Content is King

Along the same lines of marketing channels, content marketing is something we see almost every SaaS company using. However, relying on only content marketing and expecting large amounts of return is a utopian ideal, to say the least.  The amount of content being created and optimized for the general public is at an all-time high, making it more exigent than ever to create unique content. Your goal should always be to create content that stands out and then distribute it effectively rather than the amount of content you’re producing; only a combination of both can help you reap the rewards of your hard work.
Like most things in life, digital marketing is not a perfect science. Every company out there today probably needs an effective marketing strategy to reach its goals. At Alter Marketing Solutions, we have a marketing staff of highly skilled number-crunchers to devise the most effective, individualized marketing plans for your business. Send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at +91 99864 60086.