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Do you want to expand your market and automate marketing processes for your SaaS product? Then you could largely benefit from an effective SaaS digital marketing agency.

In this day and age, all the major sectors such as real estate, retail, financial services, transportation, hospitality, etc. rely heavily on software to go about their business. An effective SaaS digital marketing agency can help you shine with success by increasing your customer base and generating more qualified leads. It is estimated that in the next 3 years, the global SaaS market will be worth more than 60 billion dollars. If there was ever a good time to invest in digital marketing for SaaS companies, that time is now!

However, it won’t be smooth sailing, especially if you end up hiring a digital marketing agency that is not worth your time and money. When hiring a digital marketing agency for SaaS, there are several substantial errors that can cost you your hard-earned money and can lead to stagnation in terms of growth. In this article, you will learn how to choose the best digital marketing agency for your SaaS product. But before that, let’s briefly delve into:

The benefits of B2B SaaS Digital Marketing Agency

While you may have all the technical prowess in SaaS, you may not have the required knowledge about marketing. Some of the major benefits you could reap from hiring a SaaS digital marketing agency are:

  • Deal with and overcome SaaS marketing challenges.
  • They are experts in SaaS lead generation.
  • Accurate tracking and relevant analytics.
  • Save time and money
  • Creating an integrated digital strategy to achieve your goal
  • Having multiple experts from different aspects of marketing work on your company
  • Consistent and regular efforts in marketing
  • Guide you in choosing the right platforms to market on depending upon your target customer

How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for SaaS can get quite tricky. Especially when every agency claims to be the best at what they do. However, focusing on the below mentioned key areas is a must before hiring:

1. Prioritize Goals: Make the agency aware of the goals and objectives that you expect to be achieved. When you are clear about what you want, so will be your marketing agency. They can evaluate and get back to you on their take on the goals – what can be practically achieved and what can’t. Judge their take and then make an informed decision.

2. Experience: A SaaS marketing agency with a great deal of experience should always be your preferred choice. You need an experienced agency that has a team of experts who are not new to this field and can add to your success with their experience.

3. Case Studies and Testimonials:

There’s no better way to evaluate a SaaS marketing company’s experience than by going through their case studies. A case study provides an in-depth analysis of the success the agency was able to achieve with its previous of current client. It should give you an insight on

–        The problem their client was facing

–        The solution that was proposed (and followed)

–        The outcomes they achieved

Case studies help you determine if the agency has the problem-solving skill that you are looking for. They give you a fair idea if the agency was able to generate high-quality and convert leads for their clients.

Another way to check for the authenticity of any agency’s work is to check for their client testimonials. Testimonials are written or recorded statements that support the agency’s credibility and level of expertise from the perspective of their clients.

So,  always ask for case studies and testimonials.

4. Long Term and Short Term Strategy:

A good marketing agency will follow all the right practices to strike a balance between short-term marketing strategies that have a very quick return and others that have a far longer return?

The Long term strategy builds your SEO and Content marketing over a period of time. The right agency will develop impressive and compelling content for your intended audience to keep them interested and engaged. Ask yourself if they can deliver high-quality content which aligns with your brand value.

Paid ads fall into the category of short-term strategy. Paid ads when done right can have a very quick return – but are also less scalable, and inhibit exponential growth.

The marketing agency that you are looking for should be able to formulate both long term and short terms strategies otherwise you are looking at a situation where you will end up working with multiple agencies.

5. SaaS Marketing Trends: A good SaaS digital marketing agency will keep itself updated with the changing trends. Can the agency focus on SaaS marketing trends and help you keep up with them? Hiring a team of the right SaaS professionals who stay updated with market trends will boost your lead generation, client retention, and customer acquisition.

6. Robust Internal Processes: A good marketing agency will have tested systems and processes. The best way to identify a professional agency from an amature one is by asking them to describe their internal processes. These internal processes are extremely important right from internal briefing, client onboarding to sending out the expected deliverables. When an agency has the right processes in place, they will invariably be able to consistently deliver on their promises and outperform their benchmarks. So the best question to ask a prospective agency is “ Explain to me your process of onboarding a client, quality control and setting benchmarks for results” . The answer to these questions can save you thousands of dollars.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you digitally market a software product?

A. To start with, have proper and well-planned digital marketing strategies in place and follow some tactics that work. Create a comprehensive knowledge base to support your customers with your content offers. Also, consider offering free demos or free trial versions of the product.

Q. How do software companies get clients?

The first step is to identify a specific niche to target and have a content marketing strategy. The content you promote should be targeted to a particular audience and provide them with real value — to convert them into clients. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert and reliable resource for information, to gain your potential client’s trust. Getting referrals from previous clients is also a good way of getting new clients. Having a good marketing team on board is a definite booster!

Q. How do I market my software house?

Invest in getting a dynamic, fast-loading, and mobile responsive website design. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your content offers and opt for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to generate leads. Getting an effective SaaS digital marketing agency on board is also a great way of marketing your software house or company to increase brand visibility.

If you’re an IT company or a SaaS company looking to buff up your marketing strategies and tactics to make more profits, reach out to Alter Marketing Solutions at 099864 60086 or email us at [email protected]. These days, SaaS is more competitive than ever. Trust our experts to make your business stand out from the competition.

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