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Ideal Ice Cream

The Client

Ideal Ice Cream is a Mangalore-based ice cream brand that is well-known among ice cream fans all over the world! Founded in 1975 by S Prabhakar Kamath, Ideal Ice Cream has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its high-quality retail products and, more importantly, its passion to innovate and create unique flavours of ice cream.


“People have multiple excuses to drink alcohol. Likewise, people have multiple excuses to have ice cream.” We tapped into this particular human insight and urged people to come up with clever excuses for eating ice cream.

The Execution

Alter’s social media team came up with three different scenarios for the “What’s your Excuse” campaign. Based on the concepts provided, we created three different storyboards which detailed the viewpoint, visual look and feel of the scene. An appropriate cast to deliver these concepts was also hired. Once the concepts and the scripts were completed, the final draft was handed over to the production team to visually capture the moments and ensure that the scenes playout according to the storyboard.

WATCH and let us know what you think!

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