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Pabbas ideal cafe

Brand Introduction 

Pabba’s is an iconic ice cream parlor in Mangalore. It is an outlet of the parent brand Ideal Ice Cream introduced to Mangalore by S Prabhakar Kamath in 1975. Pabba, as Mr.Kamath was fondly known, changed the ice cream scene in Mangalore with iconic ice creams like Gadbad, Tiramisu, Parfait and Dilkush and the legacy has continued even today.

Ideal ice cream currently has multiple outlets in Mangalore under Pabba’s Ice Cream Parlour and Pabba’s Ideal Cafe and stands as a popular ice cream and cafe for people of all ages.


Pabbas Ideal Cafe has been around for many years, but people have not fully interacted with the page on social media. The client and we wanted to go beyond the traditional awareness of the brand and show our TG that we are on social media as well. Since V-day was around the corner, it was the perfect opportunity to cater to our TG and create content that they would relate with and share with their peers.


Every OG Mangalorean kid has grown up with Pabba’s for all their milestones. Valentine’s day was around the corner, and we wanted to spread love with a twist!

We wanted to showcase that young love with the 3 stages of a Mangalore love story – bike rides, romancing at the beach and of course a cute date at Pabbas! We wanted to celebrate and cherish seemingly ordinary moments like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Something any millennial or 90’s kid would relate to!

The Execution

We executed a fun ad film that was filmed over 2 days. Everything from props, costumes to our trusty actors were in-house! We chose key locations in Mangalore for the different scenes, and chose nostalgic songs that our audience could connect to!


We leveraged on the insights of locals to create a sure shot success video. Pabba’s continues to win people’s hearts to this day, and through this video series we ensures that the page remains engaging, relatable and people centric.

This project went on to prove how understanding your TG and turning their experiences and conversations into content is the best way to create impact.