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Look at the photo above. I place the main subject of the photo at the intersection of the rule of third lines. This is exactly what you should do in your photos!

What is the IMPORTANCE?

  • The rule of thirds is a basic principle.
  • That helps you to compose interesting
  • And balanced shots. Using the rule of thirds
  • Draws the viewer’s eye into the composition,
  • Instead of just glancing at the centre.
  • By placing the subject off centre, you also embrace
  • More blank space. The rule of thirds is also helpful for.
  •  Highlighting an interesting background Off
  • Centred subjects convey more of a feeling of motion than centred ones.

Ask Yourself Two Important Questions

  1. Which vertical line should he/she be aligned with?
  2. Which horizontal line alignment, for the eyes, gives the most appealing look?

“It’s not really a rule. It’s more of a guideline or best practice,” photographer and designer Shawn Ingersoll says of the rule of thirds.

Advice on using the rule of thirds.

  1. Practice with your camera’s rule-of-thirds grid: “Turn it on so you can see what you’re doing as you’re doing it,” Plicanic suggests. “Eventually, you get a feel for it.”
  2. Take a rule-of-thirds field trip: “Go to a park or somewhere and try to take ten good pictures that follow the rule-of-thirds model,” says wedding photographer Anna Goellner. “The more you do it, the more it gets ingrained into your head.”
  3.  Keep your eye on the eyes: “Choose where you want your point of focus to exist before you’re shooting. I’m always going for the eyes,” author and animal photographer Carl Davidson says.

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Source: Adobe Creative Cloud