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10 Daily checklist points for a successful  PPC campaign

10 Daily checklist points for a successful PPC campaign

How can you ensure success on your PPC campaign? How can you optimize a campaign for better results on a daily basis? What is the daily checklist to follow for a great PPC campaign?  You are in the right place. Having a habit of making a systematic PPC checklist to manage certain crucial areas of your campaign can save a lot of time, money and effort towards the campaign.

Running and managing a PPC campaign is not a one time job. It requires a lot of attention and fine-tuning on a daily basis. If you just set up a campaign and put it on autopilot mode, you might lose a lot of money due to, low performance and under-delivery of the ads.

10 daily mandatory PPC checklist points that you need to follow.

  1. Check the account balance
    It is very important to maintain a minimum balance in the account. If the ads stopped for a while due to low balance you will directly be out of the game. Most importantly we have seen the pattern that again google takes a lot time to perform better. SSo keep an eye on the account balance and make sure it is not empty
  2. Look on ads impression
    We have to make sure the ads get enough impression. You just need to compare ad impression number if any spike or lesser impression. By analysing the impression you can figure out what keywords and ads are performing better and take necessary action.
  3. Check the conversion
    It’s very important to keep track of the daily conversion number and make sure we are aligned with the weekly or monthly leads count that we need to achieve. It gives a clear idea about where we stand in terms of achieving success and analyze where we stand. Don’t freak out if you have not reached the target of the day. Just take a long breath and analyse over the next step, maybe over some coffee.
  4. Check landing pages
    It’s not just looking into ads and campaign. Ad destination is very much important. Make sure all the call to actions, forms, chats and marketing integrations are triggering without any issue and ready for collecting fruits.
  5. Bidding and money spent
    Bidding and spending right play a major role in the success of any campaign. Keep track of google ads over-delivery and monitor the bidding on each keyword to make sure you are not overspending on unimportant keywords. Adjust the bidding or remove the keyword which are not giving company to your success.
  6. Search terms and negative keywords
    Are you sure you showed your ad to the right people?. Search terms give clear answers to it. Have a close look at the search term and take action as follows-
    • Add unrelated keywords as negative terms.
    • Work on adding or leveraging the keywords.
    • Make sure search terms and keywords that you are bidding means the same.
  7. Click-through rate
    CTR gives an indication of a lot of things. Here are the analysis and actions that you can do over CTR analysis.
    • If the ads have a lot of impressions but not enough clicks, it’s time for you to work on your ad copy.
    • If there are no much impressions you need to analyse your quality score, competition and bidding.
    • Even after a good CTR if there is not much conversation happening you need to work on your landing page quality and search relevance that helps towards getting more conversions.
  8. Auction insight – Check where you stand in the ladder
    In PPC, you are one among 100’s trying to compete for 1st place of SERP. A few essential parts of the analysis and action is as follows,
    • Impression share – Indicates the quality of your ad and keyword bidding. Always aim for a better percentage.
    • Absolute top of the page rate – Yes!!!.. The gold mine is here. Keep the number always high. Fight for it and you will get it.
    • Overlap rate – Has another advertiser’s ad received an impression in the same auction that your ad also received an impression? Work on bidding and ad quality. Action insight gives good understanding and direction on where you stand among the competition. So make use of it for better success. In fact, this gives the roadmap on what is your next step.
  9. Remove unwanted placement and apps
    Sometimes Google creates a blunder by showing ads in the same site or some unwanted apps. It is better to find and flick them out so that we don’t waste money on it anymore.
  10. Check for google recommendation and optimization score.
    Google recommendations provide good insights on overall account performance and always aim for 100% optimization score. Implement necessary recommendation, whichever you feel is good for your campaign. This will boost up your campaign performance to real success.

Doing all the above steps should be a part of your daily checklist for a good campaign management. It takes a lot of expertise and systematic approach to analyse and conclude the necessary action which leads to great results. We at Alter marketing management with a team of Google certified PPC Experts makes sure all the necessary actions to manage the campaign and prove the ROI utmost success. If you are looking for a search engine marketing company to manage your campaign with better results and for a FREE strategy session, you can contact us here!

5 Successful Ways To Grow Your Law Firm Through SEO

5 Successful Ways To Grow Your Law Firm Through SEO

There are 38,00,000 users searching for something or the other on Google every minute. To break it down further, there are at least 7,00,000 users searching for lawyers on the Internet.

Since lawyers can’t go about pasting advertisements anywhere, how would you, as a lawyer let people discover you? How will you let the public know about your work and your specializations?

If you are a lawyer, you’ll most likely find yourself with these questions, wondering how to reach out and convert your viewers into your potential clientele.

Well, having an informative, SEO content based website is a good start.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you need a website?

Through a website, you will be able to reach out to a number of people. Moreover, they will be happy to find a lawyer’s website since there are not many around.

Finding a good website that navigates people with the information they require not only makes them engage with you, you also gain their trust.

How do you get started?


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of putting together a website that the search engine approves which ranks your website higher on the search page.

In short, it makes sure that your websites gain a lot of organic traffic.

As an attorney, you need to represent yourself and your firm in a clean, crisp manner.

You also have to make sure that your representation i.e. your website, is well done and has a high volume of visitors, traffic and to-be clients.
So, what do you do to gain lots of potential clients organically?

All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop.

Just kidding.

There’s more to SEO than just the Internet and a laptop. You need the laws of the digital market (See what we did there?).

Here are the 5 successful ways to grow your law firm through SEO.

1. Keyword Research
2. NPA (Your Name, Address, and Phone number)
3.Talking About Relevant Topics
4. Link Building
5. Testimonials

Keyword Research

The first step to optimization is keyword research.

What would you want your clients to know about your field of work?

Is it legal advice for marriages? Real estate? Insurance? There are many types. Know what exactly you can offer your clients.

And keep your words simple. People usually type simple keywords on their search engine when they look for something.

For example, for civil lawyers, people search for words like “Property registration lawyer” or “Civic cases lawyer”. You won’t see them searching for “Attorney for the registration of property”. Your audience likes it simple and sharp.

For reference, you could search for keywords through Google Adwords to find which words are widely searched for. So, plan your website in the same manner, ensuring that it contains words that are most searched for on the internet. This will increase your search engine rankings.

Name, Address, and Phone number (NPA)

Your potential clients are the ones that are close by. And since adding “Lawyers Near Me” isn’t the best content to place on your website, you need something that can gather attention from your local crowd but also makes sense.

The best way to go about it? Add your name, location, address, and phone number.

Also, you must make your contact information the same in every platform you have on the Internet. Like your Google My Business, your LinkedIn Profile, etc. This makes Google trust your contact information since it’s on so many platforms.

This way, if your audience is searching for law firms or attorneys in your area, Google will lead them to your firm’s website since it has the exact location they’re searching for.

Talking About Relevant Topics

Your websites must be the solution to the problems of your clients. This is where having a blog can play a strong part.

You can begin by finding what the trending topics are in your field of expertise. Collect them and use Google Adwords to find the keywords required.

Write your article in a manner that can show your clients that you know what you’re doing. Also, help your audience learn and take something back from the knowledge you have.

You can also use your article and attach several links to different parts of your website. Not only will you gain the trust of your clients, but you will also make Google rank you higher.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most valuable aspects of optimization that works like a charm. It is the process of guiding your viewers from various platforms to your website.

For example, if you are an advisor on Quora, Reddit, and other social media, you can put the link to your website at the end of every discussion or post. This adds a lot of value and encourages the viewers to find out more about you.

If your viewers like your content and need your service, they can easily find your website through the link provided. This makes Google catch the amount of traffic coming in from different websites and will rank your website higher accordingly.

This makes your website a credible source and will rank your website higher on the search page.


Nothing brings trust for service better than knowing the experience of another user. Testimonials add value to your services and stands as a source of proof about you and your services. Make sure you add the testimonials from your Google Business platform or any other credible source. Google knows the difference between fake and true testimonials and will rank you higher if the testimonials are true.

So choose your reviews carefully and paste them at the end of your page and see how this social proof works like magic.

Call To Action Buttons

Now that you gained the trust of your clients through your website, they would want to contact you and get in touch with your services. A call-to-action can be a useful tool here.

This button helps users to take action to contact you, leave a message, check your services, or learn more through another page.

There are plug-ins now that provide you with call-to-action buttons on every page of your website. This gives your viewers a chance to get in touch with you and turn into potential clients.


The era is digital. And law firms are no exceptions when it comes to digital marketing. No matter what category of law you belong to, it’s essential for you to establish a good foundation in the world wide web.

These SEO tips have helped many lawyers bloom their career and have turned their viewers into paying clients. So we’re confident they’ll help yours too.

If you have a lot on your plate and want to source your law firm’s marketing work to an agency, you can contact us! We specialize in various kinds of internet marketing, includingmarketing for law firms.

We have trained professionals in Web Development, SEM and SEO services, Email Marketing, Social Media Handling, Social Media Advertising, and Content Marketing. With these tools and a mix of stellar marketing strategies, we guarantee a fast boost of your law firm. Feel free to contact us for a free Consultations.

How Can SEO Improve Your Business?

How Can SEO Improve Your Business?

Have you spent time and money to create the website of your dreams? If so, have all your efforts helped you gain customers?

The first thing people go to when they want to find something is most likely the Google Search bar. You have to make sure that your product or service is one of the first choices they get to see on Google.

So, how do you make your website the top solution to the needs of your potential customers?

There are two ways to go about this.
1. Paid advertisements
2. Relevance i.e (SEO)


Some companies invest a lot of money to reach out to their audience. These are called paid advertisements.
Companies like Amazon. Flipkart, Myntra, etc., use paid advertisements to reach their audience. These companies are huge and can afford expensive advertisements.

For small businesses, this can get a little tough as you need money to run your business more than you need it for advertisements.

We’re here to tell you that you can be the top search result without having to pay a fortune. That brings us to the second (quite an efficient method).


Since Google tries to find the most trustworthy product or service for the people, you have to make sure your website stands as a reliable solution to the problems of the users.

When it finds that your website can truly help the users, Google will automatically put you on the top of the search pages.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is when you make the most of your search engine by optimizing your website in a manner that brings a lot of traffic organically. This leads to potential engagement with new customers.

Here are a few key points we picked to get your website ranking higher.


Your target audience is the people who most likely will pay for your services and boost your business. So you have to figure who is buying your product.

Build a target profile to get a good idea of who your audience really is and who your potential customers can be.

For example, if you sell protein shakes, your target audience would be people in their twenties to forties, and people who go to the gym and are into fitness.

Know your target audience and who exactly you’re designing your product for.


Once you’ve gained your target audience, get working on your content. How can you turn your users from liking the product to BUYING the product?

There are two methods to go about this and make the most of your keywords.


Begin by typing words that you think most people would search for.

For example – For a water purifier company, the commonly searched words are “water purifier for homes”, “safe drinking water”, etc.  

You have to learn what exactly your users type online when they search for your product or service.

There are several keyword planners on the Internet that you can use to find these words. Planners like Google Ads, Wordstream, The Hoth, etc, specialize in providing you with words that you require for your website content.

Find your list of keywords related to your business and use them on your website. Google will recognize it as relevant and lead users towards it.


Your blog articles establish the fact that you know your field of expertise well.

Begin by collecting topics and use the key planner to find the keywords required.

It’s also important to note that you help your audience learn and take something back from the knowledge you have. This allows more engagement and ranks you higher on the search pages.


Most users use their phones 80% of the time. This is why you have to create your website in a manner that is suitable for both, computers and phones.

Mobiles are quite handy and can be used whilst walking, traveling, commuting, etc. So it’s important to consider making your website mobile-friendly. This allows people to engage with you on a wider scale.


Link building is the process of getting viewers on other websites to reach your website.

For example, if you are an advisor on Quora, Reddit, and other social media, you can put the link to your website at the end of every discussion or post. If your viewers like your answer, they’re most likely to find your website.

When Google notices that there are people from different websites coming to yours, it believes that you are a credible source and will want to recommend you. Hence, getting you to the top.


Nothing brings trust for a particular service or product better than knowing the experience of another user. Honest reviews add value to your services and stand as a source of proof about you and your services.

So, place reviews from authentic sources on your page and see how this social proof works like magic.


Now that you have gained the trust of your users through the information you’ve displayed on your website, they would want to contact you and get in touch with your services.

A Call-To-Action button helps users take action to contact you or use your service.

If Google finds a large number of people clicking, it ranks you higher since it considers you to be a popular source.


Combining all these insights together will help you develop result-driven SEO strategies.

With the right mindset, approach, and strategies in place, no matter what the goals are, they should be well within reach.

If you need any assistance on how to market your business online or want to learn more about SEO services, feel free to contact Alt-er Marketing Management. With our dynamic team focusing on various aspects of marketing, we provide high-quality SEO services that will guarantee a good user experience and bring traffic to your site. Our team has a wide experience in content marketing, bringing in potential customers for small businesses and will guide you with effective SEO strategies to build a strong online presence.

The Digital Marketing Strategy for a Successful Political Campaign

The Digital Marketing Strategy for a Successful Political Campaign

From personal interactions to collecting surplus amounts of data, it’s no surprise that the Internet is an eternal booming sensation. In a century blessed with millions of innovations, connections are essential. We want to reach out in so many different ways, to learn, create and grow.

Eventually and inevitably, digital marketing was born. What better way to advertise since we’re connected to this wide network everywhere, all the time?

And so we went about showcasing products, building connections and trading through the Internet. Social media created a whole new system for every aspect we came across. Photography, advertising, travel..and now, politics.

Digital marketing has made it so much easier for politicians to reach to a crowd far and wide, to spread a message across various platforms of social media and create a strong impact in the minds of the public. But it takes an effort to establish a strong footing on the Internet. Since it’s accessible to so many, the competition is huge. There’s a lot of data that floats on the Internet, and with tact, it is possible to create an effect that lasts.

We’re here to guide you through every step that can aid in making a lasting impact on the public. Whether you belong to a local, state or national campaign, you can learn how to get to your audience with digital media strategies.


The chief aspect that makes a campaign is a logo. A symbol or sign to establish yourself as a branded politician. This brand will be on your campaign businesses cards, banners, yard signs, websites, and other social medias. A powerful pictorial representation can be imprinted in the minds of the public easily if done right. Keep it simple, strong and concise. A complicated logo can sometimes drive people away. With a simpler logo, you don’t just catch the attention of the voters, but you also make them understand your message. Effective digital marketing always lies in the details.

Domain Name

The secondary aspect of a campaign is to obtain a domain name for your website. This is the name that will represent you and your work. It’s important that you research and choose a name that fits. Most politicians running campaigns use their own name but if that isn’t available, get creative and see how you could interlink your name in a manner that can potentially reach a lot of people. Keep in mind that reaching out to people requires you to apply certain social media strategies. This includes the little details too, like your domain name.

You could also buy several domain names related to your name and the office you’ll be running for. There are times where the opponents get your domain or related domain name and then redirect those links to their own domain. Don’t let this happen to you. A domain name doesn’t cost much and will give you the assurance that nobody else can toy with it.


Next, you require to put all of this onto a platform. A well designed, user-friendly website can really go a long way. You can either fetch a website developer or create a good website by yourself that is simple yet unique. Choose website templates that can gain a lot of audience. WordPress is the most popular web design platform in this regard and is quite easy to work with.

Start off by creating a homepage with necessary details. Make sure that the content put up works well with the SEO. Add pictures, videos, email signup form, donation button, contact details, blog posts, and social media links.

Use the website to present your achievements and your aims. It’s a major boost if you talk about buzzing political issues that you’re concerned about. Present issues that you care about. An audience tends to enjoy a personal touch in an online presence. It’s also essential to remain positive. Bashing opponents can shift the perceptions of many.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective ways to connect with voters. It allows them to build a relationship with you and get to know you better. Types of social media accounts to use: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Google + and Google Hangouts. Through the right keywords and hashtags, you’ll be able to reach a wide population in a short span of time.  

You can also make announcements that occur on your website on various social media platforms. This allows you to get in touch with voters and pay attention to what exactly they want. Try not to constantly ask for support and donations. That can lead to you losing a lot of audiences.

Email Marketing

E-mails and newsletters are another great way to connect with voters. Start off by creating an e-mail list based on your audience and continue building that list. Make a newsletter that’s simple, informative and that can encourage the voters to sign up. Design it in a manner that is catchy and uses words that are currently trending. With easy access and tactful content, you’ll be able to draw the public in your favour which can lead to a successful outcome.

It’s all about using information that exists and channeling that through efficient ways on various platforms. It’s quite important to research well and thoroughly, especially on your audience and routes to grab their attention. Digital channels are truly game changers. But remember, strategy is key. When played right, the benefits are plenty.

To run a successful political campaign you need digital experts by your side. Contact us for the right guidance.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals in India

Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals in India

Keeping up with the modern trends in technology, most businesses, including hospitals, are focusing on their marketing efforts in the digital space.

As of June 2018, the number of Internet users in India rose to 50 crores!

This means that most of your hospital’s patients and potential patient’s can be reached and communicated with, effectively on the internet.

And the best part is that you have so much control over your marketing efforts via Digital Marketing.

Luckily, there are proven digital marketing strategies that really work today, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

That being said let’s dive straight into what marketing strategies work best for Hospitals today on the Internet.

Hospital Website

A fully functional website is vital to a hospital’s digital presence. Not only is this a chance to showcase your hospital’s services and facilities, and this is also a chance to write a little about the top doctors and professionals from your hospital.

The more information you can give patients about your hospital, the more comfortable they feel in using your hospital services.

It is also very important to have a very responsive website, that loads quickly, and most importantly, your website should be mobile optimised.

As most internet users today use the internet via their mobile phones.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO and SEM do the same thing, ensure that your hospital shows up first in the list of Google search results!

SEO involves optimising your website and keywords so that your website ranks high when a relevant query is searched on Google.

SEM involves paying to rank first for a search query.

SEO is a free strategy, but it takes time to rank, and ranking depends on many factors.

SEM is a paid advertisement, with immediate results.

In the healthcare sector, both SEM and SEO are really important!

It is important that your hospital ranks first for service based keyword searches on Google, as patients are often searching for more information regarding a certain procedure.

For example, if you are an eye-hospital you want your Hospital to rank first on google for any queries regarding “LASIK eye surgery”.

Also ensure your hospital is ranking first for patients living nearby, only to patients from areas you believe would travel to your hospital.

Content Marketing

A significant part of your digital marketing efforts should focus on content marketing.

Content marketing helps in building trust and provides a lot of free value to a consumer.

People on the internet today are always on the lookout for information. Once your hospital’s piece of content is found and consumed by someone on the internet, it really helps your hospital establish authority on the topic.

Content marketing also helps in SEO.

Hospitals have the ability to talk about a wide range of health topics that a consumer will find helpful, and the best part is that hospitals have access to the best doctors in the field, who can write content.

Content need not always take the form of blogs or articles, it can be colourful fun infographics or even a video.

Videos work well as videos are known to have the highest engagement on the internet.

Social Media

Some of the best hospitals in the world, have their social media strategies done right.

A significant chunk of the time someone spends on the internet is spent on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

So this is one of the best ways to engage and communicate with users on the internet, by creating engaging posts and offering a chance for people to share their views.

A good practice is to combine social media with content marketing.

Hospitals can use the social media platform to share content regarding health issues or health tips that social media users can find very useful.

The main purpose of such content is to educate.

So as you can see each of the tactics mentioned above has a purpose, whether it is to acquire a patient who is looking for medical attention, or whether it is building brand awareness and trust.

We cannot state enough about the importance of trust, especially if you are a new hospital.

If you are looking to outsource your digital marketing efforts for your hospital, to increase brand awareness and patient acquisition, you can contact Alt-er Marketing Agency here.

We have trained professionals in Web Development, SEO/SEM, Social Media Handling, Social Media Advertising, and Content Writing.

For a FREE strategy session, you can contact us here!