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Google Keen: Is this Google’s version of Pinterest?

Google Keen: Is this Google’s version of Pinterest?

Have you noticed how we spend so much time on our phones, mindlessly browsing different feeds, images & platforms? 

Instead of this, how great would it be if we spent that time maybe on learning something that truly interests us or a skill that we really want to pick up on? 

This is the exact thought that crossed the mind of CJ Adams, Co-founder of Keen. With the help of Area 120, a workshop for Google’s experimental projects, Keen was born!

Currently only available on android and on the web, this app runs on Google search’s machine learning expertise and helps you curate & share content based on certain interests.

To use Keen, you must first sign into a Google account. Then you can enter the topic that interests you the most.

Keen will then give you multiple suggestions that relate to your topic of interest. You can choose only the suggestions that you want to track. 

You will then be directed to a pinboard consisting of various images that link to different web content that suits the topic you chose. You can find blog articles, YouTube videos, shopping links and much more.

Every collection you create, Keen uses Google’s search engine to help you discover, curate and share content related to your topic of interest. Remember, the more you save to a keen and organize it, the better the recommendations become.

Finally, you can click on the little Gem next to each article in the explore section, and that article will be saved in your Gems providing you with easy access to the links that you like the best.

Once a Keen is created, you can keep editing it, remove or save links from the list, either make it a public or private keen as well as share the keen with others and allow them to collaborate and add content as well. 

When you go to look at it, Pinterest does an amazing job of being a source for ideas by helping us collect images, information and much more & now Google Keen does resemble Pinterest in a way, definitely making it a solid competitor. 

At the end of the day Google Keen seems to be the new talk of the town and the real question we need to ask is:

How keen are you to test out ‘Keen’? 

‘Food Order’ Sticker to support small businesses is now in India!

‘Food Order’ Sticker to support small businesses is now in India!

Instagram recently announced that it would be releasing a new sticker called ‘Food Order’ to help support small businesses in the food industry. The sticker will help the restaurant keep in touch with their customers & bring more people to support their business.

As the unlock face begins, restaurants are looking for ways to increase their business. Businesses can now share this sticker on their stories, and just by one tap on the sticker a customer will be directed to Swiggy or Zomato website for them to order.

In order to be able to use this sticker, the restaurant is required to:

Here is how you can set up the sticker on your Instagram Profile:

  • Go to your profile & tap “Edit Profile
  • Under “Public Business Information” tap Action Buttons
  • Under “Select a Button”, tap Food Orders
  • Select a partner (Swiggy or Zomato) for your food orders. In case you haven’t set up food orders with a partner, follow the instructions on the partner’s site.
  • Then add the website that your business is using for the food order services.
  • Tap Done

Now you are set up and all that is left to do is to use the sticker to promote orders and connect with your customers.

When sharing the story, you can share photos and videos, add the Food Order sticker and share your story. The colour of the Food Order sticker can also be changed based on your preference. There are a few things to keep in mind regarding the sticker. Only one Food Orders sticker can be added per story. Your viewers can reshare your story to their own story, but you will not receive notifications for every reshare of this Food Sticker Story.

The sticker is easy to use, easy to share among customers and NOW is the best time for restaurants to make the highest use of them. Since it is a fairly new sticker, Instagram will keep pushing the stories and accounts of people using this sticker.

Instagram is rolling out all these new stickers to help businesses not lose connection with their customers. Last month the Support Small Business sticker was released in order to help businesses reach new customers and stay connected with people. People made really good use of that sticker when it was released. In the same way, this new Food Orders sticker is part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to safeguard and support small businesses during COVID-19, and to help them get back up on their feet. Now it’s time for us to make use of the new benefits we receive.

Content Marketing for the Pandemic Audience

Content Marketing for the Pandemic Audience

In March of 2020, our world changed overnight. Social distancing became the new cool and staying home became a way of saving lives. We were officially living amongst a Pandemic. As the world adapted to this new way of life, it became evident that everything we thought to be ‘normal’, had to be redefined. 

With everything changing, we as content marketers, cannot deny the fact that our audience’s minds have drastically changed too. In these challenging times, your audience might have lost their jobs, they might have new routines and lifestyle changes and they might be experiencing fear, anxiety and whatnot. 

Let’s look at some of the ways in which content marketers can adapt their content to connect with their audience in light of the present pandemic situation. 

  1. Offer your help and support 

In this collective time of difficulty, little acts of kindness can go a long way. No matter what your business strategies are, find ways to help and support others. The world needs it right now more than ever before. A business that is there for people during tough times, will always be remembered. However, the aim should be to offer selfless support. 

  1. Show empathy 

Along with Coronavirus, there is a spread of fear, anxiety and paranoia in the air. At difficult times like these, being empathetic towards your customers is the need of the hour. People will remember how you made them feel when the world was in chaos and uncertainty. Compassion, kindness and support should be your main focus at this time. 

  1. Be hopeful but realistic

Hope is the belief in the light at the end of a dark tunnel. It is a great mindset that no matter how bad things get, we can get through it. But there is a difference between hoping and invalidating the seriousness of the situation. Along with hope, we need to remember that we do not cross the line by minimizing the scale of the pandemic or its impact on human life. Do not forget that this is a big deal and once in a lifetime situation. However, we can get through this. 

  1. Be a trusted source of information 

A huge part of content marketing is about answering questions. With the plethora of information available out there is it quite a task to differentiate between facts and rumours. This does not mean you need to have all the answers for everything going on in the world. But when it comes to your niche, keep your audience updated with genuine information based on the situation. 

  1. Modify your tone of voice 

Evaluate the messages that you are sending across and modify it to the point of view of a  world going through a pandemic. A world with growing unemployment rates, crashing economy and overall anxiety. Keep your tone as sensitive as possible. Brand awareness should be more on the limelight than making sales. 

  1. Focus on retaining your customer base 

Loyal customers are those who have been with you for quite some and those whom you can count on. They should be your primary focus. It is these loyal customers who will keep your business afloat even during a pandemic. You have a better connection with them and they are generally more engaging than other customers. Moreover, they are said to spend more on average thus being more profitable to your company. Retaining them has to be your highest priority. 

Take your business to the next level using Content Marketing with the help of expert Content Marketing. Get in touch with Alter Marketing Management now.

Improve Facebook Ad CTR and pay less per Click

Improve Facebook Ad CTR and pay less per Click

Hi, I’m prajwal today i will teach you how to improve your Facebook Ad click-through rate


There are two options you have when you are buying Facebook Ads, its either you pay per impression or you pay per click. Most people prefer to pay per click because, why you want to pay if people are not coming to your website. But there is an issue, if you are not getting enough clicks then paying through click is very expensive. Generally speaking, I found it is cheaper to pay per impression and you yourselves optimize for Click-through rate. And the way you optimize your ad is.

Step 1: Focus on having really amazing image that POPS OUT.

Focus on having really amazing image that POPS OUT.

If your image is blending with Facebook no one is going to see it or click on it, so have a bright image that stands out. If you don’t want to use a bright image than using an image blending to facebook’s colour scheme generates a lot of clicks because they don’t look like ads.

Step 2 : The second thing you want to do is optimize your text. If your text doesn’t have any emotions or Shocking value then fewer people are going to click-thru

For example 

If your Ad copy is – 10 benefits of Green Tea, #8 will amaze you!

The second thing you want to do is optimize your text. If your text doesn't have any emotions or Shocking value then fewer people are going to click-thru

Then people will be really curious to see what is at #8 and people will click through your Ad.  If you are going to optimize your image and text then you are going to get a lot of clicks.

Step 3: Last but not least, you have to keep rotating up the audience whom you are advertising to

 rotating up the audience whom you are advertising to.

When you are picking an audience for whom Facebook allows you to target if its really small and you keep showing the ads to the same person again and again then for sure they are not going to click on your ads. This means you have to rotate your Ad images on a regular basis or you should select new people for whom you are advertising to.


If you follow the above steps you are going to get better Click Thru Rates.

Make sure you pick the option where you are paying per impression and cost per your Facebook Ads will go down.

Please do comment below this blog if you found it useful.

Take your business to the next level using Social Media with the help of expert Social Media specialists. Get in touch with Alter Marketing Management now.

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Managing your Social Media pages through  Facebook Creator Studio

Managing your Social Media pages through Facebook Creator Studio

Managing and maintain your multiple Facebook pages was a difficult task with multiple actions and engagement from users across different business pages and different target groups. It will be very difficult to maintain and manage the posts across the platforms. Facebook introduced Creator studio which eventually led to an Instagram version of Creator studio allowing users to publish content on multiple platforms which helps to reduce time and can post the content in an organized and understand the effectiveness of the content which has been posted. This Blog talks about the basic features of how you can post, understand your audience in the creator studio.

So what is Creator Studio?

The creator studio helps users to manage, monetize by bringing in all the tools to effectively post content on our Facebook and Instagram Pages. It understands and gives information on new features and opportunities whenever they become available to them.

A user is eligible to access Creator studio only if they manage a page and it can be accessed through this link -https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio
The users who have access to Creator studio depends on the user’s page role and Instagram accounts linked to that page. 

A basic overview of the homepage of the creator studio is shown above where you can see a series of posts by a business page along with minimal insights of recent posts and a composer where you can upload the post/video or go live from the account.

Content library

The content library shows an overview of all posts from the page you manage. You can view insights and take actions on posts such as editing if required, boosting the post or deleting them.

The main sections comprise of Content Library are

  • Posts: Wherein you see an overview of all posts which have been published in their respective pages.
  • Video you can cross-post: Videos which have been posted in multiple business pages.
  • Playlists: You manage playlists of posts or create new ones.

How do you post on Creator studio?

Option 1 – While creating a post.

– Select Create Post.
– You can choose
Create Post – To publish photos, creative (non-video content).
Upload Video – Uploading a video-based post.
Post Video Across Pages – Uploading a video and cross-post it in multiple pages
Go Live – Start live broadcasting on the page.
You can then choose the page you want to post to, compose your post and select Publish.
or you can compose the post and click the arrow which is next to publish which helps to Schedule the post.
You can select a specific date and time when you can publish the content.

Option 2: While uploading a video

Select Upload Video.

A user can choose to upload a singlemultiple videos or post a video across multiple pages.

Select your video file >> Choose where you want to post the video >>Add your video details>> Select Publish

Video details include information such as the title, description, thumbnail, distribution settings, captions and 360 Director Tools.

You can also save the post as a draft and edit all the posts in the content library under the Drafts tab.

We can also create polls by creating the question, set a timeline for the poll and decide the time to display the results of the poll.

A user can see the results in case, they cast their vote or select a date and time to display the results or you can disable the results for the users.


Performance Insights.

The performance insights show the performance of the posts in the page of the video which has been posted and cross-posted across all Facebook pages.

In Creator Studio, Performance data is shown based on how your videos are shown to users.

  • 1 Minutes Video Views: Wherein videos have been played for alteast a minute.
  • Minutes viewed: Are the total number of minutes your were played, include replaying your video.
  • 3 second video views: Are the videos were played for at least three seconds.
  • Engagement: Refers to number of users who have commented on or shared your videos.
  • Net followers: Are the number of new followers minus the number of people who unfollowed your Pages during the defined period of time. 
  • Loyal Followers: The key metric to know how users have been affected by the content published on the page can be determined by the loyalty of these users. The Loyalty insights helps us track the people you follow the page, number of returning viewers and gives an understanding of how long users watch the videos on the page.
  • Follower Count activity: Wherein we can see how many users have followed or unfollowed the page over a period of time.
  • Returning views: Wherein we can track the loyalty of the users week by week and look at returning viewers
  • How long will a user watch: Is it? 3-second view, 15-second views or 1-minute views These can be improved by showing a hint of the ending to engage the audience to watch the whole video, keep the attention of the audience throughout the video and grabbing the attention in first few seconds of the video.

Understanding your Facebook Audience

The performance of your posts can be improvised or your content can be reworked based on the audience who is interacting with your content on the page.

  • Engaged Viewers who have interacted, commented or shared to your posts on the page.
  • Viewers are the users who have watched at least one minute of the videos in a selected range.
  • New followers are people who have followed or unfollowed your page over a specified time range.

The Facebook audience shows us the top countries where your audience is located at, the top languages they communicate with, the common interests they share and the pages and video which are common amongst them.

The Facebook Creator studio also helps in maintain the messages of the users who interact with the page and have a data collection of free samples which the page admin can use to create content. The creator studio helps in maintain multiple posts in various accounts and also helps in tracking these activities through Creator studio. Facebook creator studio helps in understanding the audience who interact with the content and gives an idea of what content is utmost like by the audience of the given product. 

Take your business to the next level using Social Media with the help of expert Social Media specialists. Get in touch with Alter Marketing Management now.

3 Go-To Places To Check If Your PPC Ads Are Not Working

3 Go-To Places To Check If Your PPC Ads Are Not Working

We started running PPC ads by doing a lot of mistakes and burnt our hand by these mistakes. It is very important to understand a pattern of common mistake due to which our ads were not performing the way they were supposed to perform.  This article gives you an understanding of this common pattern and how to fix these problems.

Pattern 1: Ads are approved but not taking the impression

This seems to happen every time when you set up a campaign and Google is trying to understand what you are trying to do. Let’s put some light on what might be the possible mistake and go-to place for the same. 

  1. Ads might have just approved
  2. Sometimes Google takes a long time to approve the ad and keywords. It’s simple, wait for 24 to 48 hour for ad or keyword to get approved. 

  3. You might be bidding too low
  4. Choose Google recommended budget or increase the bid amount a little. 

  5. You might have scheduled ad
  6. Check for the ad scheduling time and remove if required.

  7. Keywords

There might be unrelated keywords or the keywords that you have selected might not have any search volume. Just add some keywords that have better search volume or modify the match type and see for some time. 

Pattern 2: Ads are taking impression but not clicks

This is very overwhelming when your ads have been shown to the searches/users where it’s not getting any or enough clicks that you are expecting. Here is the place where you need to check.

  1. Ad Position
  2. You might be bidding less or the quality score of the ad is very low, wherein ads are shown mostly in the bottom of the SERP first page or second page. So we just need to keep an eye on the quality score and ad position to make sure you have people’s attention.

  3. Poor or low-quality ad copy

Your ad copy is not good enough to grab users attention or not exciting enough for people to click on your ads. Give a try by refreshing your ad copy or updating more relevant and fresh ads.

Pattern 3: There are a lot of clicks but no much leads and conversion

Sometime you might feel Google is lying to you by showing an unrealistic number of clicks and impression on the ads. But Google might not always be wrong in this case and there are some places where we can look into in order to improve the result. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Poor clicks quality
  2. There is a good chance that we are getting poor quality users on our site. Just compare the search terms and keywords once to make sure you are getting the right audience on your website so that they turn into leads. 

  3. Poor landing page/Website experience

Low loading speed, no appropriate content on the site, not following AIDA content flow also leads to this issue. Most of the time people just bounce back from landing page/ website by their bad experience and continue their research on the next site. So check on the analytics, hotjar or GTM page scroll events to verify if users are liking the content you put across to them. 

If you know these three usual patterns where your PPC ads suffer, you can easily solve these issues. To summarize 

  • No impressions? – Check for pattern 1
  • No clicks? – Check for pattern 2
  • No leads or conversion – Check for pattern 3

If you still not sure about your ad performance or feel like it needs some professional help, we are here to help you. Contact us on +91 99864 60086 or mail us on [email protected] and schedule a FREE audit and consultation of your google ad account.