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Landing Page Optimisation. 9 Magic Tips To INCREASE Conversion Rates

Landing Page Optimisation. 9 Magic Tips To INCREASE Conversion Rates

Are you trying to run paid media ads, targeted to capture more leads online? Are you putting in a lot of effort, time, and money but are getting no significant results? Then you are at the right place. We will guide you through some of the most simple practices which will help you improve your landing page, and in return will increase your conversion rate and fetch you the results you are looking for.

Before we jump into the magic tips to improve conversion rate, let’s first try to understand the basics of different types of landing pages. Per the industry standards, there are four different types of landing pages:

  1. The Opt-in Bribe Landing Page

This kind of landing page is pretty straightforward. It contains a form that offers some kind of bribe to people so that they fill in their leads.

Example: Offer A Free 30-Minute Consultation

2.       The Video Landing Page

Includes a video on top of a landing page that explains service and product in a pretty straightforward way which commences into a lead magnet or a strong call to action.

3.       The Product Landing Page

This is mainly meant for showcasing the product and its specialties directly so that people can make an informed decision about the product.

4.       The Long Sales Page

These landing pages are content-heavy and usually highlight some catchy offers and USPs so that people can take a call and lead to better conversion.

How To Optimise Landing Pages For Better Lead Conversion

Lead magnet

A lead magnet is an offer that you can promote to prospective customers in exchange for their information. It is a push you give your readers to take the next action. FREE CONSULTATION, DOWNLOAD FREE E-BOOK, BOOK A FREE DEMO are some really good examples for lead magnets. If you are looking to optimise your page better, then you need to have a lead magnet that appeals to your readers.


Copy is what sells on your landing page. Each word in it should act like a salesman and should be able to deliver some value and message to your readers. The copy needs to have a clear and very direct way of communicating what you want. Also, the copy needs to contain value-driven content without which achieving better conversion is almost an impossible task.


The first impression that your website makes can be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. Remember you readers are impatient. They need a faster resolution for what they want. No one wants to wait for your website to load. No one has the time or patience for it. If your website loads slowly, your readers will automatically be uninterested, irrespective of how great your products and services are. Make sure to optimise your website for excellent speed so that the loading time doesn’t take more than 3 seconds. 

Better headlines

How do you decide to read an article in a newspaper, website, etc? You make your decision to read it or not based on its headline, don’t you? The same logic applies to your landing pages. If the headlines are great, so will be your conversions. So choose your headline carefully. 

Present better social proof

When you shop for something online, you want to be sure it is something worth spending, don’t you? You check for the reviews of that product so that you can make an informed decision. Similarly, your users will also like to see the reviews of the products and services which you have to offer. So make use of testimonial videos, Google reviews, different kinds of ratings to increase the credibility of your product. Better credibility leads to better conversions.

Two step forms and progress bars

Your forms need to be designed in such a way that it doesn’t look too long or overwhelming. Make sure there is a progress bar that indicates the progress on the lead filling process which. This will keep your users informed and will lead to better conversion. If you’re having a direct form embedded, keep it short and collect only the information which is of high importance to you.

Write content for skimmers

People usually don’t go through every word and line that is mentioned on the landing page. So use proper highlighting, bolding, etc to provide value to the skimmers who don’t read all.

Maintain Secrecy

Don’t give out too much information about your products and services. Give only those bits to your users which will create curiosity in them and make them want to know more. Let people share information about them to get to know about your products & services in detail.

Exit popups

In some landing pages, you may have seen that when you move your cursor towards the closing tab or back button, you’ll immediately see a pop-up, enticing you with a lead magnet and asking you to share lead. Include this simple pop-up tactic on your page and increases your lead count by a large margin.

Marketing integrations

For a successful deal to close it takes a minimum of three face-to-face sittings. How can we expect people to buy in just the first meeting? It’s highly impossible, right? Hence, it is important to make sure that you engage repeatedly with your potential customers till they become your current customers. To do so, you need to have the right marketing integrations in place. Most commonly used integrations are Google analytics, Google tag manager, Facebook pixel, Google ads tags, hot jar etc. This will enable remarketing, analyzing, and revision of learning pages.

Make sure to have these 9 basic magic tips in place for your landing pages and see your conversation rate sky-rocket. These tips will also help to test your landing pages for better performance. Apart from these tips, to create the best of landing pages and to implement them in the right way, a certain amount of technical skills and marketing expertise is needed. If you think you can benefit from expert marketing solutions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or give us a call at ‎+91 99864 60086

Why is local SEO important for your business?

Why is local SEO important for your business?

Process of optimising your online presence to reach more searchers from your locale is nothing but Local SEO. Website / online presence improvement is the way toward becoming the quality and amount of site traffic by expanding the perceivability of a website or a website page to clients of a web index. Website design enhancement alludes to the improvement of unpaid outcomes and bars direct traffic and the acquisition of paid arrangement while local SEO helps you grow locally as a brand. 

What is Local SEO?

SEO means simply – “Search Engine Optimization.” Website optimization means “website improvement.” It’s the act of expanding both the quality and amount of website traffic, just as presentation to your image, through non-paid (otherwise called “natural”) internet searcher results. 

Regardless of the abbreviation, Local SEO is as much about individuals for what it’s worth about web crawlers themselves. It’s tied in with understanding what individuals are looking for on the web on their locale / region, the appropriate responses they are looking for, the words they’re utilizing, and the kind of substance they wish to devour. Knowing the responses to these inquiries will permit you to interface with the individuals who are scanning on the web for the arrangements you offer.

In detail about Local SEO

Local SEO is tied in with expanding scan perceivability for organizations that serve their networks eye to eye. These can be physical organizations with physical areas, similar to a market or dental specialist’s office, or administration territory organizations that work all through a specific geographic zone, similar to a circuit tester or house keeping organization. 

This incorporates everything from asserting a professional reference to guaranteeing an establishment area shows up in a nearby hunt on Google (a data known as area information or reference board). It likewise stretches out to overseeing on the web evaluations and audits, nearby driven social media reach, and so on. 

How does Local SEO work?

Though anybody on the planet with adequate SEO and authority can rank for a hunt inquiry like ‘how to fix a blocked kitchen pipe’, when the question has significantly more buying goals behind it, it becomes ‘handymen close to me’ or ‘best handyman in [location]’. 

For these kinds of nearby hunt question, which commonly incorporate an area or ‘close to me’ (which aren’t even important if looking through utilising Google Maps or if Google knows your area and accept the pursuit has neighbourhood expectation), web crawlers comprehend that what the searcher needs is business recommendations or records dependent on the spot, as that is correctly what they offer up in the neighborhood web index results pages (SERPs). This distinction in conduct and result is decisively why Local SEO is significant and worth putting resources into close by standard SEO.

Which are the 5 Amazing Local SEO services should you look for? 

  1. GMB – Google My Business Page is the #1 local SEO service you should look for out of the all other local SEO services out there. 
  2. Listing on Maps: Helps your potential customers to transit to your shop or business location.  
  3. Listing on other search engines: Google, as we all know, is the God amongst all the search engines but it’s not the only one out there. Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo etc are few of them you should try to be available for the searchers. 
  4. Local competitor analysis: Every business has its own competition so you be out there analysing your competition in a smart way.  
  5. Creating and monitoring local citations.

Why local SEO?

On the off chance that you need a brisk motivation behind why local SEO is significant, this is it. Online catalogs (like Yelp, Citysearch, Foursquare, and so.) in plain view a business’ name, address, telephone number and in some cases extra data (like a menu or business depiction). Neighborhood registries command the primary page of numerous nearby query items. Nearby index showcasing (only one of numerous local SEO methodologies) has a higher change rate than other more customary publicizing alternatives – up to half transformation on certain registries. That implies that by getting your business precisely recorded on the same number of value online registry locales as you can, you’ll convert 1 out of 2 leads into a genuine client.

  1. Localization: A person from Mangalore always wants business located in his area of travel until and unless he intends to buy online. Thus local SEO helps businesses to be found locally to their prospects who search the web. In total, it increases you online visibility to a localite 
  2. Building Citations: Ensure your site features on citation sites and online business directories. Not only will this help customers find your business, but featuring your company’s name, address, phone number and website URL (NAPW) on citation sites and adding extra information to business directories will help improve your search rankings.
  3. Quality and Relevant Enquiries: You get calls or messages from people in and around your business. They might map and walk into your store. It’s most of the time genuine customers who have a specific query about the product or services you deal with will get in touch with you. 
  4. Proximity: It’s important for you, how close you are to the searcher. If you are within a kilometer or mile, the chances of customers coming to you is more. Local SEO will help you to be updated in your locale. 
  5. It expands web traffic, leads, and deals from neighborhood guests: If you’re a nearby organization, getting web visits and leads from clients in an alternate city, state, or nation will do nothing to assemble your business. With limited SEO, you increment traffic from shoppers in your particular help territories, which implies you’ll get a higher visit-to-deal rate. 
  6. It gives more focus on geographic crusades: Modern shoppers expect hyper-customized online encounters. With limited SEO, you can target crusades to amazingly little, restricted gatherings of individuals. 
  7. It makes you stand apart from your rivals: Fewer than half of organizations as of now utilize Local SEO administrations. What that implies for you is a major potential for success to excel and have out in indexes, maps, nearby inquiries, and web-based media.

Pro tips:

  • Only 44% of businesses have claimed their Google My Business – GMB listing and you can be one of them today by claiming yours now. 
  • Many of the best local SEO opportunities are FREE as of now.  
  • Local customers rely on the internet to find information about your business.

As the mobile internet is growing day by day and we discussed Local search has the highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels now it’s time for you to get into the depth of Local SEO and do it for your business. And don’t ever forget, Local SEO results in a great return on investment. If you are still wondering how to claim your Google My Business Page or need help in starting your businesses local SEO you can approach alt-er marketing anytime. Why wait, start your local SEO or contact us now. 

Google Keen: Is this Google’s version of Pinterest?

Google Keen: Is this Google’s version of Pinterest?

Have you noticed how we spend so much time on our phones, mindlessly browsing different feeds, images & platforms? 

Instead of this, how great would it be if we spent that time maybe on learning something that truly interests us or a skill that we really want to pick up on? 

This is the exact thought that crossed the mind of CJ Adams, Co-founder of Keen. With the help of Area 120, a workshop for Google’s experimental projects, Keen was born!

Currently only available on android and on the web, this app runs on Google search’s machine learning expertise and helps you curate & share content based on certain interests.

To use Keen, you must first sign into a Google account. Then you can enter the topic that interests you the most.

Keen will then give you multiple suggestions that relate to your topic of interest. You can choose only the suggestions that you want to track. 

You will then be directed to a pinboard consisting of various images that link to different web content that suits the topic you chose. You can find blog articles, YouTube videos, shopping links and much more.

Every collection you create, Keen uses Google’s search engine to help you discover, curate and share content related to your topic of interest. Remember, the more you save to a keen and organize it, the better the recommendations become.

Finally, you can click on the little Gem next to each article in the explore section, and that article will be saved in your Gems providing you with easy access to the links that you like the best.

Once a Keen is created, you can keep editing it, remove or save links from the list, either make it a public or private keen as well as share the keen with others and allow them to collaborate and add content as well. 

When you go to look at it, Pinterest does an amazing job of being a source for ideas by helping us collect images, information and much more & now Google Keen does resemble Pinterest in a way, definitely making it a solid competitor. 

At the end of the day Google Keen seems to be the new talk of the town and the real question we need to ask is:

How keen are you to test out ‘Keen’? 

‘Food Order’ Sticker to support small businesses is now in India!

‘Food Order’ Sticker to support small businesses is now in India!

Instagram recently announced that it would be releasing a new sticker called ‘Food Order’ to help support small businesses in the food industry. The sticker will help the restaurant keep in touch with their customers & bring more people to support their business.

As the unlock face begins, restaurants are looking for ways to increase their business. Businesses can now share this sticker on their stories, and just by one tap on the sticker a customer will be directed to Swiggy or Zomato website for them to order.

In order to be able to use this sticker, the restaurant is required to:

Here is how you can set up the sticker on your Instagram Profile:

  • Go to your profile & tap “Edit Profile
  • Under “Public Business Information” tap Action Buttons
  • Under “Select a Button”, tap Food Orders
  • Select a partner (Swiggy or Zomato) for your food orders. In case you haven’t set up food orders with a partner, follow the instructions on the partner’s site.
  • Then add the website that your business is using for the food order services.
  • Tap Done

Now you are set up and all that is left to do is to use the sticker to promote orders and connect with your customers.

When sharing the story, you can share photos and videos, add the Food Order sticker and share your story. The colour of the Food Order sticker can also be changed based on your preference. There are a few things to keep in mind regarding the sticker. Only one Food Orders sticker can be added per story. Your viewers can reshare your story to their own story, but you will not receive notifications for every reshare of this Food Sticker Story.

The sticker is easy to use, easy to share among customers and NOW is the best time for restaurants to make the highest use of them. Since it is a fairly new sticker, Instagram will keep pushing the stories and accounts of people using this sticker.

Instagram is rolling out all these new stickers to help businesses not lose connection with their customers. Last month the Support Small Business sticker was released in order to help businesses reach new customers and stay connected with people. People made really good use of that sticker when it was released. In the same way, this new Food Orders sticker is part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to safeguard and support small businesses during COVID-19, and to help them get back up on their feet. Now it’s time for us to make use of the new benefits we receive.

Content Marketing for the Pandemic Audience

Content Marketing for the Pandemic Audience

In March of 2020, our world changed overnight. Social distancing became the new cool and staying home became a way of saving lives. We were officially living amongst a Pandemic. As the world adapted to this new way of life, it became evident that everything we thought to be ‘normal’, had to be redefined. 

With everything changing, we as content marketers, cannot deny the fact that our audience’s minds have drastically changed too. In these challenging times, your audience might have lost their jobs, they might have new routines and lifestyle changes and they might be experiencing fear, anxiety and whatnot. 

Let’s look at some of the ways in which content marketers can adapt their content to connect with their audience in light of the present pandemic situation. 

  1. Offer your help and support 

In this collective time of difficulty, little acts of kindness can go a long way. No matter what your business strategies are, find ways to help and support others. The world needs it right now more than ever before. A business that is there for people during tough times, will always be remembered. However, the aim should be to offer selfless support. 

  1. Show empathy 

Along with Coronavirus, there is a spread of fear, anxiety and paranoia in the air. At difficult times like these, being empathetic towards your customers is the need of the hour. People will remember how you made them feel when the world was in chaos and uncertainty. Compassion, kindness and support should be your main focus at this time. 

  1. Be hopeful but realistic

Hope is the belief in the light at the end of a dark tunnel. It is a great mindset that no matter how bad things get, we can get through it. But there is a difference between hoping and invalidating the seriousness of the situation. Along with hope, we need to remember that we do not cross the line by minimizing the scale of the pandemic or its impact on human life. Do not forget that this is a big deal and once in a lifetime situation. However, we can get through this. 

  1. Be a trusted source of information 

A huge part of content marketing is about answering questions. With the plethora of information available out there is it quite a task to differentiate between facts and rumours. This does not mean you need to have all the answers for everything going on in the world. But when it comes to your niche, keep your audience updated with genuine information based on the situation. 

  1. Modify your tone of voice 

Evaluate the messages that you are sending across and modify it to the point of view of a  world going through a pandemic. A world with growing unemployment rates, crashing economy and overall anxiety. Keep your tone as sensitive as possible. Brand awareness should be more on the limelight than making sales. 

  1. Focus on retaining your customer base 

Loyal customers are those who have been with you for quite some and those whom you can count on. They should be your primary focus. It is these loyal customers who will keep your business afloat even during a pandemic. You have a better connection with them and they are generally more engaging than other customers. Moreover, they are said to spend more on average thus being more profitable to your company. Retaining them has to be your highest priority. 

Take your business to the next level using Content Marketing with the help of expert Content Marketing. Get in touch with Alter Marketing Management now.

Improve Facebook Ad CTR and pay less per Click

Improve Facebook Ad CTR and pay less per Click

Hi, I’m prajwal today i will teach you how to improve your Facebook Ad click-through rate


There are two options you have when you are buying Facebook Ads, its either you pay per impression or you pay per click. Most people prefer to pay per click because, why you want to pay if people are not coming to your website. But there is an issue, if you are not getting enough clicks then paying through click is very expensive. Generally speaking, I found it is cheaper to pay per impression and you yourselves optimize for Click-through rate. And the way you optimize your ad is.

Step 1: Focus on having really amazing image that POPS OUT.

Focus on having really amazing image that POPS OUT.

If your image is blending with Facebook no one is going to see it or click on it, so have a bright image that stands out. If you don’t want to use a bright image than using an image blending to facebook’s colour scheme generates a lot of clicks because they don’t look like ads.

Step 2 : The second thing you want to do is optimize your text. If your text doesn’t have any emotions or Shocking value then fewer people are going to click-thru

For example 

If your Ad copy is – 10 benefits of Green Tea, #8 will amaze you!

The second thing you want to do is optimize your text. If your text doesn't have any emotions or Shocking value then fewer people are going to click-thru

Then people will be really curious to see what is at #8 and people will click through your Ad.  If you are going to optimize your image and text then you are going to get a lot of clicks.

Step 3: Last but not least, you have to keep rotating up the audience whom you are advertising to

 rotating up the audience whom you are advertising to.

When you are picking an audience for whom Facebook allows you to target if its really small and you keep showing the ads to the same person again and again then for sure they are not going to click on your ads. This means you have to rotate your Ad images on a regular basis or you should select new people for whom you are advertising to.


If you follow the above steps you are going to get better Click Thru Rates.

Make sure you pick the option where you are paying per impression and cost per your Facebook Ads will go down.

Please do comment below this blog if you found it useful.

Take your business to the next level using Social Media with the help of expert Social Media specialists. Get in touch with Alter Marketing Management now.

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