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Social media is a place for people to engage, have fun and to learn something new. Building a relationship between the brand and the audience is an important aspect on social media. It is necessary to maintain a personal touch with your audience.  As a social media strategist, it is always good to keep growing with your social media platforms, learn from your mistakes and to share the knowledge.

Here are 10 Do’s and Don’ts for social media


  1. Always Always Interact:
  2. Interacting with your audience is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. You need to make sure your audience trusts you and can come to you with their queries. If you see a friendly comment or review, leave the person a nice reply or you could give them a shout out via stories. This shows them you care.

  3. Keep calm! It is only a negative review:
  4. Negative reviews or feedback is received by every brand at some point in time. It is always beneficial to have a plan ready in a situation like this and to deal with it in a nice manner. 

  5. Why am I here?:
  6. As a brand, you must never forget the reason why you are on social media. Set your goals and work towards achieving them. Also remember that it is never about you and is always about what your audience wants.

  7. Be Visual:
  8. People scroll though social media when they are bored. Always make sure your creatives, photos or videos stand out. It is a matter of a second to grab a person’s attention and get them to like what you have shared. Aim to make your content stand out and grab your audience’s attention.

  9.  80/20 rule:
  10. People are on social media for three reasons – to be entertained, to gain information and to connect with others. With this in mind, it is helpful to follow the 80/20 rule for social media content. Always make sure 80% of your content is entertaining and informative while the other 20% sells your products or services.

  11. Encourage user generated content:
  12. Remember that your audience loves to get involved with the help of contests and engagement posts. You can also get their feedback, reviews and can further use the tagged content on your page.

  13. Make sure your profile is always upto date:
  14. It can be a real turn off for your potential audience when they come to your page expecting certain information, but instead, they end up with an incomplete profile with no information. So always keep your profile up to date, be it your working hours or your contact number.

  15. Post Regularly:
  16. Keep your audience aware of your presence and post regularly. Two to three times a week is a good amount of posts, but this may vary based on the brand and the industry.

  17. If it is not yours, give credit:-
  18. When you see an image that you like and know that it would resonate with your brand, you need to give credit to the creator of the existing picture. It is never right to just steal!

  19. Content for your social media platform:-
  20. Every social media platform is different and the same content cannot be used on all the platforms. Similarly, your audience may vary on each platform and based on it your talking style must change. Trial and error is the best way to see what content suits a particular platform.


    1. Hey Robot! It’s nice not talking to you!:
    2. People prefer human touch and interaction. So when you set up a chatbot or ready message that sounds like a robot, it drives away your audience. Instead have a normal conversation with your audience as the effort will be worth it.

    3. Spell check:
    4. It is important to always check your spellings. Grammatical errors can be a real let down and may cause your audience to immediately turn away and ignore your content.

    5. Never forget your audience:
    6. Never delete or ignore something your audience has to say, as it will only prove to the rest of the audience that you do not care. Start a conversation with a smart reply and show your audience that you care about their opinions.

    7. Do not be repetitive:
    8. Do not use the same content again and again. Your audience will get bored and you will immediately lose a good amount of followers. Instead get creative and think of new ways to entertain your audience.

    9. Everybody hates a spammer:-
    10. Do not ever spam your audience. Posting 3 to 4 times a day will annoy your audience. No one wants their feed filled with content from just one page. 

    11. Do not abuse hashtags:
    12. Hashtags are an amazing way to get your post seen by a bigger audience. By using appropriate hashtags you are bound to get more engagement and followers but overusing hashtags will make your content get lost among other posts.

    13. Do not miss out on what is trending:
    14. Be it current affairs or trending formats, it is always important to stay on top. It is also better to stay out of politics when dealing with brands.

    15. Do not lie:
    16. If you are not 100% sure of certain information, then do not share it at all. It would be better not to share rather than make your audience think you lied to them and fed them false information.

    17. ALL CAPS?! :
    18. Writing in all caps will give your audience the impression that you are yelling. Use all caps in the right way or avoid it at all costs.

    19. Why obsess over the numbers?:

    Do not obsess on the numbers! Create fun content and watch your followers grow. The growth might be slow, but slow growth is better than no growth. Always aim to try something new to increase the growth, but never obsess over the numbers as it will only divert your attention from your real goal on social media.

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