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Aruna Masala

Brand introduction

Situated in the bustling industrial area of Baikampady in Mangalore City, Aruna Masalas has provided a range of food products including Direct Spice Powders, Blended Spice Powders, Instant Cooking Mixes, Pickles and Pastes ever since its inception in 1980.

Emboldened by their commitment to constantly improve and innovate, Aruna Masalas promise pure and healthy ingredients following the strictest quality standards to ensure that the raw ingredients they use are sourced ethically and hygienically. They proudly serve customers in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala, as well as in the Middle East and Australia.


Women’s day was coming up. And being a cooking brand, Aruna Masalas were well aware of the sexist tropes against women regarding their roles in a society defined by patriarchal norms. So keeping that in mind, Aruna Malasas wanted to celebrate the role all women play in our society without glorifying their societal oppression. And that’s where we came in!

The Strategy

The strategy was clear. It was important to highlight women’s role in society, and how the young men with claims to fame and achievements in society always had a woman or a maternal figure beside them for support. But we wanted to show the subtle ways women influence all our lives, even when we’re not paying attention.

We came up with a series of three short videos, starting with a young budding culinary enthusiast who makes a dish that is just missing something. A mother’s love, affection, and probably a pinch of salt. Next, we break some stereotypes by showing a young man at the gym struggling with his exercise form, when a female trainer swoops in and gives him a hand and a quick word of advice, helping him reach his fitness goals. Finally, in the third video, an old man is trying to learn how to drive. He struggles at one point, and just then, his partner alongside lends her a hand, a gesture that showcases unrelenting support in trying to find the right way.

The Execution

Once the creative team and the production team came together to conceptualize, write and storyboard the 3 different ideas, execution began immediately in terms of finalizing the props, locations, and actors. All the actors in the three videos were sourced in-house, and then the production team took over to execute the storyboard concepts complete with visual details.

It took us less than three days to film the ads that encapsulated our efforts, our love, respect, and admiration for all the women in our society.

WATCH and let us know what you think!

The Outcome

What we delivered though was a piece of artistic brilliance with a touch of emotion and a pinch of pride to women all over. Aruna Masalas were delighted with the end product as exceeded all expectations and gave them a video to cherish for lifetimes to come. All the actors, the set design, frame positioning and shots were just splendid. This video was but an opportunity – to express our creative magic and display what Alter can accomplish with a just teenie-weenie idea!