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 Aruna Masalas


Situated in the Baikampady industrial area of Mangalore City, Aruna Masalas has the distinction of being the first spice processing unit in coastal Karnataka to obtain the ISO 22000:2005 Certification. Their range of food products includes Direct Spice Powders, Blended Spice Powders, Instant Mixes, Pickles, and Ginger Garlic Paste.

They have been the flagbearer for Taste & Trust Since 1980 and are serving customers in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala, as well as in the Middle East and Australia.


Aruna Masalas approached Al-ter to get a complete website revamp, having felt underwhelmed with the previous layout and design. The issues ranged from discontent with simple aesthetic qualities with the general look and feel of the landing and product pages to issues with E-com not yielding results and troublesome navigation issues faced by the end-user. SEO optimization needed corrective measures to increase organic traffic efficiently. The brand visibility had to improve on social media and awareness had to be created for newly launched products.


The Alt-er team set out to revamp the website with a major focus on crafting a better content flow, better navigation, and a modern look. We optimized the website with relevant keywords to make sure it receives a higher ranking on search engines. The flow of the content was enhanced and updated to make it easy to skim through and understand. Call-to-actions were set in place to navigate the visitors to different sections of the website the client was keen to highlight. In this case, the client feedback would be so spot-on that the entire process of creating a better website with functioning e-commerce became smoother. Bringing together all the web elements like all aromatic masalas coming together, along with creating separate project pages, our attempt to create a website greater than the sum of its parts, was executed.


Vijesh & Nanditha
Ananthesh V Prabhu
Managing Partner, Aruna Industries

We have been working with Alt-er marketing Solutions for the past few years and their positive efforts have helped us in building our brand digitally. They have a young and vibrant team that is proactive and customer-centric.

Our recent success in launching our range of new products speaks volumes of their meticulous planning and is a testimony of their excellent work. They have also been instrumental in revamping our website for the better. While we keenly look forward to associating with Alt-er on a long-term basis, we wish them all the very best in all their future endeavors.