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Aruna Masala

The Client

As the leading South Indian spice manufacturer, Aruna Masala offers the perfect blend of spices to give your Indian cuisine a delicate and distinctive flavour. Since 1980, it has provided spices to consumers across the coastal cities of Karnataka to preserve and promote the flavours of Mangalorean cuisine for future generations. Currently, Aruna Masala serves customers in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala, as well as in the Middle East and Australia.


Given Aruna Masala’s reputation for its chicken and fish masalas, the client requested a social media video highlighting some of the brand’s other product lines. Their other items, which included direct spice powders, blended spice powders, instant mixes, pickles, and ginger garlic paste, were the subject of their request for a creative post.

The Strategy

The requirements were clear-cut and straightforward. Since featuring several products in one video will make it appear chaotic and confusing, we decided to focus on just two in order to achieve the goal of promoting their variety of products.

The idea was to use a video to highlight the ginger garlic paste and the egg masala offered by Aruna Masala. We concluded that demonstrating how useful and put to use each product’s range is the best approach to exposing it to customers. Therefore, we decided to film a cooking process video using both of these ingredients.

The Execution

Our team at Inbox Productions was able to shoot and edit the video in a day’s time. However, a lot of pre-production planning was involved. The team had to define a look and feel for the video, plan the kitchen set-up, brief the chef, our very own in-house talent, about the process, and jot down the shot list before the shoot began. Once the pre-production criteria were fulfilled, the shooting and post-production went smoothly as per the agreed-upon timeline.

The Conclusion

Since a popular reel audio was used, the video was able to reach a wide demographic. The quick montage, the catchy music, and the array of delicious ingredients featured in the video made it quirky and drool-worthy! We accomplished the objective of showcasing the different product ranges while keeping the audience engaged.