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Aruna Masala

The Client

With state-of-the-art food-grade spice manufacturing facilities, fully automated factories, and an in-house futuristic laboratory, Aruna Masalas is one of the major masala manufacturers in South India. Aruna masala is committed to fostering the rich and perfect flavours of traditional Mangalorean culinary heritage by offering only the highest-quality products to their consumers.


Aruna Masala recently launched a range of ready-to-cook (RTC) pastes and wanted to promote their new RTC products 一 Chicken PuliMunchi Paste, Fish PuliMunchi Paste and the Chicken Biryani Paste. They wanted something unique, eye-catching, and social media-friendly. With these pastes and promotions, they wanted to branch out from the traditional audience in tier 2 cities to a modern audience located in the urban setting.

The Strategy

The products were branded as easy to use ingredients that could create authentic Mangalorean dishes in no time. Using this as the base, our team at In-box productions decided to present the magical process to give the end-user a glimpse of what easy, stress-free cooking can look like!

This idea culminated into a recipe video that demonstrated how simple the process is and how these pastes can be used to create rich and savoury foods.

The Execution

By capturing how the paste was used in the process we were able to create a story around the products. The visuals revolved around the authenticity of the cuisine. This gave the video the required feel to address the TG. The coming together of the Trending musics and the shots resulted in this video with three authentic, mouth-watering Mangalorean dishes, born out of a simple, easy-to-use paste from Aruna Masala!

Once posted on social media, there was a lot of interaction and brand awareness created. Aruna’s RTC pastes had made their way into the hearts of the people.

WATCH and let us know what you think!