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Campco Chocolates


Campco, a leading chocolate manufacturer in India, known as the household brand for creating delectable chocolate from the finest homegrown cocoa wanted to promote their premium chocolate range.

Campco’s premium collection includes 4 different chocolate bars known for its quality, taste and premium goodness. They wanted to advertise these premium bars using photos that were more product-focused.


We needed to show consumers what premium bars from Campco were all about. Without the ability to touch, hold, and handle the products, potential customers have only images to interact with. Hence, after much contemplation, we decided that the best way to promote the premium products was by letting them speak for themselves.

Our team of creatives at In-box productions worked together to set the scene for each product so that it matched the colour and theme of the product. By generating visuals that resonated with the products as well as the target customers, we could capture the essence of each premium bar.


Products that visually communicated tenderness, happiness, and love through warm tones of pink and yellow. These images were perfect for online listings as well as promotion on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.