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Campco Chocolates

Prasad Netralaya

About The Client

Campco Chocolates was started in 1986 to create an assured market for cocoa in Karnataka and Kerala

The 33-year-old legacy of Campco Chocolate Factory started when a farmer named Sri. Varanashi Subraya Bhat dared to dream big. Arecanut growers were growing cocoa as an inter-crop in areca nut plantations which was then purchased by a principal purchaser of wet cocoa beans. But in 1980, private chocolate manufacturers stopped buying from farmers during peak cocoa season due to a slump in international prices.

The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Co-operative Society, popularly called the CAMPCO entered the market at that time and began buying wet cocoa beans from farmers. To create an assured market for cocoa, the Founder President of Campco, Late Sri.Varanashi Subraya Bhat opened a chocolate factory in Puttur on September 1, 1986. Campco has steered its way during the last 33 years in placid as well as troubled waters with a pledge to make the farmer members reach their destination safely and satisfactorily.

The Challenge

Campco Chocolates wanted an exclusive website of its own and did not have an online presence as such.
Campco Chocolates wanted an exclusive website of its own — it shared a website with the parent brand CAMPCO. This posed a problem, as areca nut and chocolate were vastly different products.

The challenge given to Alter was to make Campco’s presence felt in the digital world and to establish Campco Chocolates as a youthful and hip brand. This would be done through a website that conveyed this brand image of Campco and acted as a showcase for the various chocolates that the company sells.

The Alt-er Solution

After understanding the space and studying similar brands, Alt-er identified the approach to establish Campco Chocolate’s online presence. We created a website the conveyed the essence of the Campco brand and we designed the content to be SEO friendly. The website was set up with the latest security standards to ensure that it’s always up and running. We worked to ensure the speed and responsiveness of the website was good. The content flow was designed to keep visitors engaged and inform them about the range of products that Campco offers.