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Campco Chocolates

The Client

Campco, a renowned chocolate manufacturer in India, was founded in 1986 and is known for producing delectable chocolate from the finest homegrown cocoa. The chocolate factory is located in Puttur, in Karnataka, where cocoa mass, cocoa powder, moulded chocolates, premium chocolate bars, and other cocoa-based items are made from the produce that is grown by the local farmers.


Campco chocolates recently launched a new product in the South Indian market-The Hazelnut Choco Spread. It is a nutritious, delectable product that is made from roasted almonds and locally grown cocoa.

Campco wanted to “spread” the word about their new product and wanted it to become a popular people choice.

The Creative Idea

While most products are launched with creative visuals of the product, we at In-Box productions thought that showing the use of the product would make a better impact. This means that we wanted to create a video that would change the perception of it being an indulgent chocolate spread that is enjoyed as a craving to something that’s a part of everyone’s daily life.

We wanted it to be more than just a Hazelnut Choco Spread; We wanted it to be the Ultimate Breakfast Companion!

The Execution

We devised a quick, colourful, and drool-worthy video concept that would pique the interest of the current audience. A video that comprised a montage of the product being used in multiple scenarios.

By pairing the chocolate spread with Indian/continental breakfast items like chapati, idli, dosa, pancakes, etc. we showed the audience how this product can transform their regular breakfast item into something extraordinary! Watch our take on this visually alluring product promo, that made an impact on breakfast lovers and didn’t beat around the bush.

The Result

Quick close-up shots and Slo-mo shots of the product helped create a promo film that followed popular trends on social media. Viewers responded to the promo video by leaving comments and engaging with the post. It also sparked discussion among viewers, indicating that they were enthusiastic about the product and the idea of being able to add it to their favourite breakfast snacks!