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G L Acharya

The Client

Following a long path of trust, purity, and innovative designs, GL Acharya has been serving its clientele with high quality jewellery since 1957. They are well-known for being the first establishment in the district to introduce BIS Hallmarked Jewellery, which ensured buyers of quality that met international purity standards. Furthermore, their creative marketing campaigns and schemes have always been extremely effective in attracting, informing, and delighting customers.


GL Acharya needed to promote two of its product lines. The “PRACHI” gold jewellery collection and the “GLOW” diamond jewellery collection. They approached Alter looking to create instagrammable content that works well as reels and images to promote these products.

The Strategy

Since the client provided no specific instructions for the requested creative content, our team at Inbox Productions chose to create contemporary shots with a touch of tradition. Highlighting the craftsmanship of these products by focusing on their minute details was established as our objective.

The Execution

Once we had our strategy and objective in place, we began pre-planning for the shoot that was going to take place in Puttur 10 days prior. After analysing the products we were shooting for, we gathered references and the props required to make it all happen. When the pre-planning was finished and the shoot day finally arrived, our team travelled to Puttur with all the necessary tools, props, and backdrops.

Thanks to our team’s excellent pre-planning efforts, we were able to wrap up the shoot in a day’s time.

The Conclusion

The video came out classy, elegant, and eye catchy. Using slow photos accompanied by mystical musical notes allowed us to fully capture the essence of each piece that was on display. Overall, the client was delighted, and the audience got a sense of what it’s like to shop at G.L. Acharya.