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G L Acharya

The Client

G L Acharya Jewellers has been delivering innovative designs that ensure trust and customer delight since 1957. They were the first jewellers to introduce the concept of ‘ready-to-wear’ jewellery in Dakshina Karnataka, in an age where jewellery was popularly ‘made-to-order’. Additionally, they are also the first institution in the district to introduce BIS hallmark jewellery. G L Acharya currently has showrooms located in Puttur, Hassan, Sullia, and Kushalnagar.


The G.L. Acharya’s social media account mainly consisted of images and quick reels. The client wanted the page to have a stellar video that showed the world a glimpse of who they are. A video that would represent the brand’s mission of delivering high-quality jewellery made from exclusive craftsmanship.

The Strategy

We decided to use the brand’s mission, which is “to provide exclusive craftsmanship and high-quality jewellery,” as the theme for the video. The idea was to film a video showcasing some of their best designs while also giving hints at the hard work and expert workmanship that went into creating them.

The Execution

Since the shoot location was in Puttur, our team at Inbox Production had to pre-plan several aspects days ahead. We started pre-planning by getting images of products that the client wanted to highlight. Once we had an idea of what kind of product we were shooting for, we proceeded to collect reference shots. Following that, we held an internal discussion to discuss the grid structure based on the photographs they provided and the references we collected. Now that we had a clear idea of the kind of shot we had to shoot, we began gathering props that would be needed for the shoot. Once the pre-planning was concluded and the shot list finalised, we made our trip to Puttur. We had with us all the needed equipment, props, and backdrops to complete the shoot. Thanks to the teams’ detailed pre-planning we were able to complete the shoot in a day’s time.

The Conclusion

The video came out classy, elegant, and eye catchy. Using slow photos accompanied by mystical musical notes allowed us to fully capture the essence of each piece that was on display. Overall, the client was delighted, and the audience got a sense of what it’s like to shop at G.L. Acharya.