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The Client

Molsi’s is a brand dedicated to improving nutrition for both your health and the environment. They feature a diverse selection of exotic products imported from 25+ countries. They are a part of Bolas and is the result of 60 years of experience and knowledge of a thriving team of industry experts. By serving healthy substitutes, such as dried berries, almonds, cashews and apricots, for high-calorie snacks, Molsi’s strives to carry on the Bolas heritage.


The client wanted packshot photographs for two of their products 一 Molsi’s whole and dried strawberries, and the honey roasted cashews.


The Molsi’s visual identity was colourful and exuded happiness and health. Our team at In-box productions, after getting acquainted with the brand’s identity, decided that the best way to make the product leave an impression is by visual memory.

By creating stunning commercial photography that intertwined the brand colours and the product, we could create instant visual communication.


Products that visually communicated tenderness, happiness, and love through warm tones of pink and yellow. These images were perfect for online listings as well as promotion on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.