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Nandini Milk

The Client

The Nandini brand is synonymous with pure, fresh milk and milk products. This Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) Milk brand is the country’s second-largest dairy cooperative. It distributes approximately 2.5 lakh litres of milk in a variety of forms, such as milk sweets, chocolates, curds, fermented items, and so on.


Nandini, despite being a well-known and well-loved brand, constantly innovates to ensure that they engage with a newer audience to increase brand awareness. With this in mind, the brief given to our team at In-Box productions was simple. Nandini wanted to create buzz about their product, the cold coffee, among the younger audience in tropical regions.

The Creative Idea

After conducting some on-ground research, we discovered that chilled beverages are enjoyed the most by college-goers at their hangout spots, after class. Since our target audience resided in places with very hot and humid weather, cold drinks were also people’s first choice.

With these simple observations in mind, we decided to create a promo video that appealed to a younger audience while also highlighting the ‘cold’ in cold coffee!

The Execution

‘A promo video that would make you feel the heat and want to have a cold coffee asap.’- This one line was the vision behind our promo.

Voila! Presenting to you a lip-smacking product promo exclusively for cold coffee lovers! We visually displayed the quality coffee beans used in its production, ice cubes that made an instant connection with the weather and slo-mo shots to show you exactly how creamy, rich and indulgent the coffee really is!

The Result

The promotional video designed for social media not only showed the product but also made the viewers crave for a cold coffee with its high-quality visuals that activate all your senses!