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Premier Security Services


Established in 1992 in Mangalore, Premier Security Services(PSS) started modestly under the administration of Mr. Rohinath P., with the goal of providing a secure, committed, and efficient method of safeguarding equipment, personnel, and property. 25 years of experience in this industry has resulted in long-term benefits to their clientele. PSS provides a variety of facilities comprising the mission of creating a safe environment by providing functional, economical, and ethical security services using inventive technologies, Premier Security Services leads the way in Karnataka, establishing seamless customer experience and elevated industry performance standards.


Despite being a company from before the internet’s conception, Premier has always prided itself on keeping up with the times with respect to technological advances. The major challenge here, as with a company without a digital presence, is to visualize a layout that is complementary, as well as compatible with the company’s vision, and augments a clear brand identity.

An optimized, sleek user interface was recommended, so visitors and potential clients navigate with ease, accessing the company information, services, accolades, testimonials, etc. Lastly, the website required SEO and keyword optimization for achieving a higher ranking, enabling more people to learn more about Premier Security Services.


Alter’s solution was set in motion in customary fashion with thorough discussions and brainstorming sessions with the client as well as among in-house creatives. This was essential because building a website from scratch is aided with questions about brand voice, tone, and identity, which needed to be set in stone beforehand.

With a modern wireframe, minimalistic layout, and exemplary content, Alter left no stone unturned. The drop-down menus, feature pop-ups, clientele slider, are all examples of some modern website trends that gave the company a regal, established feel. Optimized for higher search engine ranking, strategically placed call-to-actions, and a stylistically efficient interface, Premier Security Services’ website was ready to be unveiled to the world.