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Tandoor Express

The Client

Representing the finest Mangalorean seafood cuisine, The Tandoor Express is a luxury restaurant located in the heart of the city. Some of their specialty dishes include Squid Ghee roast, Marvai sukkah (clam sukkah), etc. If you’re ever visiting Mangalore, Tandoor Express has all the must-try Mangalorean seafood dishes! Besides serving finger-licking South Indian specialities, Tandoor Express is also well known for its commendable home delivery and takeaway experience.

The Brief

The client approached Alter in hopes of creating content that helped promote their products: Tandoor Bucket Biryani, Kori Rotti, and Dum Pukht Matka Biryani. They needed a mix of authenticity and brand image to be reflected in all the promotional content.

The Strategy

After analysing the products and the Tandoor Express brand, our team at Inbox Productions decided that the promotional content for each of the products should represent its roots while also hinting at the exquisite home delivery/take away experience they can expect. Each product was photographed in its own aesthetic; Kori Rotti in the Mangalorean aesthetic, Bucket Biryani in the Hyderabadi aesthetic, and Dum Pukht Matka Biryani in the Lucknowi aesthetic, in addition to the well-crafted packaging in which it is delivered.

The Execution

Once the aesthetics were decided upon, the team worked together to gather references, props, and prepare the storyboard. The shoot began once everything was in place. The shooting took place in the studio over the course of two days. The timeline was followed as per plan and the content was delivered on time.

The Conclusion

The set of promotional content included elegantly photographed product images and authentic videos that traced the products’ roots. These served as perfect promotional content for several social media platforms.