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zari couture

The Client

Zari Couture in Mangalore has been providing distinctive hand-picked ethnic ensembles and fabric from across the country to local residents since 2011. They are known for having a collection of the finest ethnic wear designs to cater to a wide range of tastes and contemporary accents. Apart from that, Zari is also well-known for its social media page, where its customers, or the #ZariFamily as they are affectionately known, enjoy engaging.


Zari Couture – Mangalore, has been providing the town with a variety of exceptional hand-picked ethnic ensembles for quite some time. Since the people of Mangalore were already familiar with the brand, the client and the team wanted to take things up a notch. We wanted to show off the delicate intricacies of the apparel, which go hand in hand with traditional festivals like Ugadi, Sankranthi, Holi, and Diwali, which are all coming up soon, with a new crop of creatives.

The Strategy

From the brief received, three things were clear. The creative needed to be heartfelt; include Zari product placement and; be targeted toward the people of Mangalore. With these points in mind, we decided to make a sweet, heartfelt video of a girl carefully packing a saree she purchased from Zari for her mother. The video would be voiced over with mentions of different elements that the people of Mangalore could relate to like the childhood memories of elocution competitions, the love for butterscotch ice cream, etc.

The Execution

The project went on for three days. Although riddled with various challenges, our team at Inbox Productions could create a stellar creative by sticking to the proposed timeline.

The first task at hand was to brainstorm and finalize a storyboard for the shoot. This was our main priority during the first day. Day two was dedicated to shooting all the elements for the creative 一 from the visuals to the voice-over. And finally, on day three, we wrapped by getting the final cut edited and approved.

The Conclusion

The video creative did exactly what it needed to do. It got people engaging with the post while also being exposed to the Zari brand. The response was overwhelming and Zari was more than happy with what we had produced. With such marketing strategies, we were able to go far and beyond what was required from our team and give the best output to Zari and make their mother’s day campaign a huge success.