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Brand introduction

Zari Couture is an ethnic wear store in Mangalore that boasts the finest collection of exclusive, hand-picked sarees, salwars, lehengas and fabrics from around the country. This was the month that Zari completed 10 years of providing Mangalore with the best women’s wear. They needed to showcase this success through their range of Kalamkari sarees. They wanted to create an online presence so that people interact with them on a regular basis. They wanted Zari Couture to become a name that everyone knew and talked about.


Zari Couture was already making waves with its range of collections throughout Mangalore. But now it was time for them to showcase their special collections so that the women of Mangalore can choose sarees that make them stand out among the crowd. The brief was simple – put Zari’s Kalamkari collection on the grid as the fabric of the month for July and increase its visibility among the audiences.

The Strategy

The design team came up with several creative ideas for an innovative way to showcase the Kalamkari collection. Our major challenge was to depict the design and textures of the Kalamkari sarees. The intricately crafted designs cover the entire saree and need a large part of the saree to be shown on the screen so that audiences can truly imbibe its eccentric beauty. We also planned our shoots across 6 days and divided them into the product shoot and model shoot.

The Execution

In order to perfect the shoot and avoid any reshoots, we first designed a mood board to visualize the grid and ensure that there were minimal changes to our plan. This helped us achieve our target of completing our shoot in a span of 6 days. For the product shoot, we used sarees with the most attractive on-screen appeal. We shot post pictures using 4 sarees over the course of 2 days. The top 3 best outcomes were chosen to be posted. For the reel, we first created a storyboard and planned the props that we would require for the shoot. We took 3 days to finish the shoot and get the best results.

WATCH and let us know what you think!

The Outcome

The Kalamkari shoot was a huge success. We overcame all the challenges that we thought might not allow us to achieve our goal. We created a breathtaking grid of product/model pictures and reals that really brought out the essence of the collection.