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‘How to grow a software business?’ is a question on the mind of every startup company. Most B2B buyers bank heavily on the internet as their primary resource when looking for new business solutions. So, the question all struggling software companies need to address is ‘Are we doing enough to showcase our brand over the internet? If not, please be aware that your competitors most definitely are doing more than just ‘enough’.

The software development industry is in high demand, but the competition is also cutthroat. Every day it is becoming tougher and tougher to attract new clients, especially if you are a small startup. This is one of the major reasons why software developers allocate a huge amount of time and resources to research marketing strategies and their implementation.

Strong digital marketing for software companies is easier said than done. Every product has to simplify its own complexities while fighting for a strong digital presence. A sound digital marketing strategy effectively connects your clients to the services you offer through social media, blogs, websites, forums, etc.

This article covers 7 of the most bankable digital marketing strategies that software companies need to establish a strong digital presence.

1. Define Your Goals

The first question that needs addressing before formulating an effective digital marketing strategy is “What do I want to accomplish”? It can be anything —attracting more clients, brand awareness, or promoting the software that you have developed. A blueprint to success can only be drafted if you have well-defined goals for your organization.

2. Define your Target Audience

Your target audience is a group of people who are most likely to benefit from the services offered by you. Awareness about your target audience helps choose the right strategy to push more traffic to your sales funnel. You need not just know who is going to use your services but also who will be your buyer. Hence, it becomes imperative to develop targeted content that appeals to your buyers’ expectations and demands. While doing so, concentration on the following criteria that you have you define your ideals customers better:

Demographics (Age, Location, Gender, Income level, Education level)

Psychographics (Personality, Attitudes, Values, Interests/hobbies, Lifestyles)

Behavior – purchasing patterns such as price sensitivity, brand loyalty

Business segmentation – business size, nature of business, structure, etc.

3. Create a strong website

Your website is the virtual address of your SaaS Company and is a great place to put your business and USPs on display. Your website should provide relevant information about your company and offerings. Because that is what your target audience wants to give them.

Make sure your website ticks all the checkboxes mentioned below to convert a visit into a sale:

✅ Effectively portrays your brand

✅ Sleek web design

✅ Builds credibility 

✅ Content and flow optimised for high conversion rate 

4. Bet on SEO

It’s not just about creating a usable website, it’s about creating pages that appeal to the senses of your target audience and attract them to your page to drive traffic. One of the most crucial factors in having a strong SEO game is to get a first-page ranking on search engines. Identify the keywords that drive traffic and create optimized landing pages, frequent quality blogs circulating those keywords and create backlinks with your keywords to point the traffic toward your main product pages.

The rule of thumb when it comes to successful SEO implementation are:

-Technical and on-page SEO to enhance your website relevance to target keywords

-Creating 4-10 quality backlinks per month

-On-site blog posting at least once a week.

5. Invest in Paid Ads

According to a recent survey, more than 28% of online searches convert into a sale. And 28% is a towering number. Paid ads are the second-best performing lead generation channel for Most SaaS companies after organic search and SEO.

Google Ads is the go-to place to get started on your campaigns. With google ads, you also get access to more advanced remarketing strategies. This feature advertises to those potential buyers who have already visited sites related to your market or have searched for pertinent keywords in the past.

Explore multiple social outlets. Choosing the right platform is half the battle won.

Linkedin: Highly relevant if your software services are aimed at B25B space

Facebook and Twitter: Great to engage with your target audience and spread brand awareness. Their paid remarketing system allows you to grow a following in no time.

Youtube: Best place to post relevant videos and tutorials of your products and services. Give people insight into your solution while also driving traffic to your website.

6. Create tutorials and guides

Understand what is the problem faced by your customers and show in the visual form how your products and services can solve those problems for them. How-to tutorials, best practices, demo videos are some of the content buckets you can invest in.

Helpful, value-based content creates ripples of exposure and address. Provide what your customers want and be generous.

7. Build Impactful Reviews

Websites with a good number of user reviews, rank higher on Google because of their tie-ups with giant software companies. Look out for independent third-party review sites as well as work to increase the level of reviews you gain from users. Search for “software directories” or review sites and add and verify your profile there. Building impactful user reviews will provide greater exposure and credibility to your offering.

Put a plan in place to build reviews from real customers. Leverage your social media accounts and engage with your happy users to review you on certain platforms. Make sure the reviews are unbiased.

So that was our 7! If you are interested in more tactics that work for software development companies, click here.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to promote my software development business?

A. To start with, have proper and well-planned digital marketing strategies in place and follow some tactics that work. Create a comprehensive knowledge base to support your customers with your content offers. Also, consider offering free demos or free trial versions of the product.

Q. How do software companies get clients?

The first step is to identify a specific niche to target and have a content marketing strategy. The content you promote should target a particular audience and provide them with real value — to convert them into clients. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert and reliable resource for information to gain your potential clients’ trust. Getting referrals from previous clients is also a good way of getting new clients.

Q. How do I market my software house?

Invest in getting a dynamic, fast-loading, and mobile responsive website design. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your content offers and opt for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to generate leads. Social media marketing is also a great way of marketing your software house or company to increase brand visibility.

The competition in the B2B Tech industry is fierce. So, take advantage of what the online world and social media platforms have to offer. You may find an untapped source of clients looking for your services. No matter how new or old, big or small your company is, you can outrun your competitors with the right approach to digital media. 

And if you’re an IT company or a SaaS company, you’ll need a full-proof SaaS digital marketing strategy and tactics to make more profits; reach out to Alter Marketing Solutions at 099864 60086 or email us at [email protected].

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